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Michael Moses, Publisher

‘I’m a Trump supporter’

Published: 11/14/2019 10:54:48 AM
Modified: 11/14/2019 10:54:38 AM

Do you remember back when Bill Clinton was impeached? What party was in charge of the House?

Today we had payback and that’s what’s driving Trump’s impeachment. In your paper of Oct. 5, it was stated that Pelosi didn’t get the consent of the whole House like Nixon and Clinton had. Two months ago Pelosi said there was no reason for a Trump impeachment unless something more comes up. Well it did. Biden’s son was under investigation and the coverup started.

President Trump held up our taxpayer money because Ukraine was one of the crookedest countries around.

Obama gave Iran billions of dollars who is one of our worst enemies and nothing stopped him.

I’m a Trump supporter and now I’m even more after all this hate for Trump.

News flash: the bunch who are investigating Trump came back early from their recess. Since when have they done that for us?

If I were an advisor for Trump I would say stop “tweets” and go to emails like Hillary did. I say give someone big money for truth. Hillary was so sure she was going to win that she destroyed 30,000 emails so we’re told because she’d be in Trump’s shoes now. I believe all the emails had Trump dirt and foreign money for her campaign.

Today we live in a world where you don’t have to prove anything.

Obama was in office for eight years and in that time I got a measly $24 raise in my Social Security check after Medicare was taken out. President Trump got me triple that in 2 ½ years.

Trump got more people to work than anyone else.

Obama gave us Obamacare in which we had to pay “fines” if we didn’t join. What a crooked maneuver.

Use Obamacare as an example you’re headed for disaster.

Noel Gomez

South Deerfield

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