A great explorer

Published: 11/6/2019 10:34:36 AM

Christopher Columbus was a great explorer. In 1492, he found a new land (America). With three Ships: The Santa Maria, The Nina, and The Pinta, and 90 men he sailed West across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to find a westerly route to the East. He traveled under the sponsorship of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.

How large were these ships? The Santa Maria was 62 feet long (19 meters) and 18 feet wide (5.5 M). The Draught was 10 feet (3.2 M).

In Greenfield, Main Street is 50 feet wide. When you cross Main Street, you can realize how small these vessels were that crossed unknown waters. The Nina and Pinta were smaller.

The ships’ cargos carried so much storage that the sailors had to sleep on deck.

Columbus believed the world was round, but he was mistaken about the size of the globe.

Europeans brought diseases to the Americas that the natives had no remedy for, and suffered dearly. In our 19th ​​​, 20th and 21st centuries we have found cures. Some of these diseases required the discovery of the microscope, which was not invented until 1590 — 100 years too late What one cannot see, one can’t fix.

Christopher Columbus with his imagination, integrity and perseverance discovered a new land – America. He is remembered 525 years later.

Thanks Chris!

Lew LaChance


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