Thank you Pastor Mick

Published: 7/10/2019 10:22:36 AM

What an amazing and wonderful piece by Pastor Mick Comstock of Montague Center Congregational Church. He is right! Yes, he is right as it’s one of life’s subjects to leave up to our highest power, God! We don’t approve of a lot of things in this world and life, but must leave it up to our higher power. this is my church, since a little, little girl and shall always be.

This is someone’s personal choice and not to be discussed in any church. We all have our differences and not up to the churches to be judges. We go to our church to be closer to our faith. Drop into this very old church, you’ll be so welcomed, with a good word, handshake, hugs, great music and a coffee and sweet and delicious cookie, etc. Thank you Pastor Mick. With love,

Patricia Leah Babbitt 


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