Sunday, May 27, 2018

What we once detested

The shame is ours and Israel’s. We have both become what we once detested and even fought against. Lord Acton had it oh so right: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Both countries have leaders who are being investigated for various forms of corruption. We have both become bullies and often accuse others of what we ourselves are doing.

Tom Tolg


Liberal B.S.

I’m writing this in response to a letter, clearly written calling me out about my conservative views. The writer clearly states how liberal controlled states have shined in comparison to Republican controlled states. How liberals have dropped taxes, cleaned rivers, got teachers more pay and that there is no angry mobs out to confiscate our legally owned firearms.

An informed person only has to look at the once great city of Chicago, Illinois. A state where the senator and two-term liberal president, Barack Obama, hailed from. The city is a war zone. Crime and poverty runs rampant. Civilian ownership of all firearms is illegal. Police don’t even patrol certain neighborhoods because it’s so dangerous. It’s the murder capital of the United States of America. The numbers don’t lie.

Our new president wanted to send in the National Guard to clean up the mess. Yes, it’s a shinning example of what can happen in a liberal run society.

I’m not buying any of your liberal B.S. No, not one penny of it.

Eric Markol


Please deliver us from Trump

The news that President Trump has ended the Iran Nuclear Accord did not make any sense to me. Then I read on and saw Obama’s name. That is it. It is something done by Obama and Trump is determined to do away with anything done by Obama. Why? Because according to the news, Obama insulted Trump.

How childish can you get? Our country is losing respect from all other countries in the world because we have a president who behaves like a grade schooler. The more I read about Trump the more frustrated I get with him and anyone who defends him. There is a saying that every man has a little boy who lives inside him that pops out every once in a while. Well Trump is certainly proving that point. I don’t know if that is true of most men, but after reading about his behavior, I can believe it of him.

I overheard a conversation in which an older man was telling a woman that Obama didn’t do anything while he was in office. If that is true how is Trump going after all these items that Obama managed to get through while he was in office? And while Obama was in office, the Republicans fought him every inch of the way. It was a miracle that he was able to do as much as he did. I have a feeling the Republicans are not pro-American.

Good Lord, please deliver us from Trump and his sidekicks. And could you possibly do so before something really bad happens to our country? Please. And give strength to those trying to stop him from destroying our country. Amen.

Darlene B. Clark