Dreaming of safer drivers

Monday, March 12, 2018

It must be nice to dream of a perfect world. Everyone stops their vehicle at stop signs and red lights. While motoring, and seeing people in the crosswalks, pause and allow them to safely cross the street.

School crossing guards are only men and women, but drivers could show them respect by doing what they request. Most want children to get an education, so why do some disallow them to cross the street to get to school and get home?

Anyway, we can try, can’t we? I observe more motorists stopping for emergency vehicles. This is good.

One person told me to check my car headlights. In the winter, with snow and ice, and dust from the road, the headlights need to be wiped once in a while. Also, make sure both work.

Some of us are really trying. Thank God.

Lew La Chance