Clear hydrants for firefighters

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The USA began in 1776. Then, there were no fire hydrants. These hydrants are the source of water for the firefighters to put out fires.

We should assist the firefighters and our community by clearing our hydrants of snow in the winter months. These men and women need to work all around these objects. Many know that fire trucks drive on the highways, so there must be access from the road and the sidewalk. Ask the firefighters and they will tell you, they use 2-foot wrenches to loosen the nuts on the hydrants. First, they take a 6-foot wrench to open the gate, releasing the water to use.

Then, they hook up hoses to and from the hydrant to the fire truck.

I tell you, when they see a cleared hydrant they can use to put out the fire, they are pleased as punch. They want to save as many houses/buildings that they can.

Lew LaChance