U.S. doesn’t need more immigrants

Saturday, January 13, 2018

To defenders of sanctuary cities I would say, parse your words and tweak your argument as you may, but the cold hard truth remains that we already have here in the United States an overabundance of citizens who are struggling to survive. Some are homeless, some have substance abuse problems while many are victims of both. Then we have a large population of neglected veterans who are not being properly provided for on many levels along with a plethora of working poor who are hanging on by their fingernails, and as a backdrop to this, we have entitlement programs that are financially overwhelmed and unable to meet current demands.

So, by all means let’s throw open our arms and embrace another group of people and place their needs above those already not being adequately served. And at the same time let’s think real hard about ways to thwart the federal government as it tries to do its work of regulating the immigration process. Better still, let’s mend the fences that are currently down before we drive new posts.

Could the desire to create sanctuary cities be a psychological defense mechanism that helps supporters cope with the reality that we have an existing people in need well within our borders and that by bringing in and embracing more people of need somehow dilutes and ameliorates the sense of pain and failure?

Brad Brigham