Missed opportunity

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

In resigning from his seats at Greenfield Community College and at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, and explaining ad nauseam the presence of his name on a publicly circulated letter critical of Safe City economics, Dylan Korpita missed an opportunity to stand tall and to articulate a cogent and well reasoned defense of why the existence of Safe City havens are both illegal and fiscally irresponsible.

If the taxpayers of the commonwealth have to subsidize the integration of myriad immigrants, shouldn’t open and honest debate exist? Why is it that skeptics and naysayers who raise legitimate questions about the fiscal mechanics of Safe City creation are reflexively labeled reactionaries and fear-mongers before they can even begin to frame their reservations? Do we not live in the bastion of supposed progressive, open-minded free-thinking New England where even John Adams once defended a Tory on the eve of the American Revolution as being the victim of a gaggle of over-zealous patriots?

And what about the opioid crisis here in Franklin County, the homeless, the veterans, the uninsured and the working families here in the Pioneer Valley who need fiscal support to make ends meet, and who live paycheck-to-paycheck trying. Other than being the cause du jour, why does Safe City creation take precedent over our struggling neighbors and fellow residents?

These are real, pressing issues that Dylan Korpita should have stepped up and addressed. In not doing so, he sadly reminded me of General Colin Powell when he capitulated to the Bush administration in his testimony before the National Security Council, and falsely reported the existence of nuclear materials in Iraq, thus “justifying” our outrageous attack on a sovereign nation and its people.

Brad Brigham