Attitudes toward hunting

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Last week, a hunter shot a deer in Leyden and was fined $200 for shooting within 500 feet of a roadway/dwelling. He was also denied the deer. The laws governing this action have always been interpreted and enforced in a common sense fashion, depending on the actual geography of the incident. If, for example, the shooting occurred on a back road in a sparsely populated area, no fuss was made of the matter. After all, a shotgun only has a range of 150 yards at best, and believe it or not, many people still count on venison to supplement their grocery bills and to carry them through the winter.

Many of the laws here in the Commonwealth were conceived and passed with dense population centers in mind. Here in western Massachusetts, these laws need to be interpreted and enforced accordingly. Your better judges and law officers have always understood this and acted in a measured common sense way.

It’s too bad the urban mentalities in Leyden have stirred these long understood matters up with their “not in my-backyard” attitudes.

Brad Brigham