Erving caterers renting Greenfield Grange to cook for Montague movie

  • Guiding Star Grange on Chapman Street in Greenfield.

  • Rebecca and Tom Easton of Historic Catering on Thursday prepare some Rosemary Lemon Chicken and Maple Balsamic Vegetable Stratta for the cast and crew of the movie “The Man Who Killed Hitler, and Then the Bigfoot.” Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

  • Tom and Rebecca Easton of Historic Catering prepare some Maple Balsamic Vegetable Stratta for the cast and crew of the movie “The Man Who Killed Hitler, and Then the Bigfoot.” Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

Recorder Staff
Thursday, August 10, 2017

GREENFIELD — Actors and actresses aren’t the only ones benefiting from the filming of an upcoming movie called “The Man Who Killed Hitler, and Then the Bigfoot” in Montague. Local organizations and businesses are also seeing new dollars pour in as a result of the production.

Case in point: the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield is renting its kitchen to Historic Catering, an Erving company hired to feed the film crew. Owned by wife and husband Rebecca and Thomas Easton, the company plans to work out of the kitchen at 401 Chapman St. through August, though they will be off until Thursday.

“It’s been a fun adventure,” Rebecca Easton said Monday, adding that some of the crew members are her neighbors. “So far it’s been great.”

The movie’s plot involves a World War II hero who assassinates Adolf Hitler and decades later, having settled in New England, gets recruited to hunt down Bigfoot, carrier of a deadly plague.

She explained the company cooks meals for 55 people, twice a day. She said all meals are transported to the set and served buffet style. The Eastons do not cook for the film crew on weekends, though they may have separate catering events scheduled those days.

Rebecca Easton said Historic Catering, which is going into its second year, rents kitchens anywhere it needs, whether its inside a building “or in the middle of a cornfield.”

Thomas Easton has cooked all over the world and repertoire includes cuisines ranging from Italian to Thai. His wife said they have asked crew members what foods they prefer so Historic Catering can try to accommodate.

Grange President Dick Henry said he reached out to caterers to rent the kitchen so the grange could pay off its new windows that are the latest part of a lengthy mission to improve the hall. A separate catering company recommended the grange to Historic Catering, which agreed to rent the kitchen that Rebecca Easton called gorgeous. Henry also said it is exciting to know a movie is being filmed in the area.

“It’s a nice situation,” he said.

Henry’s daughter, Karlena Henry, who handles the grange’s Facebook page, said the organization’s members do their best to help the community.

The grange’s standard kitchen rental rate is $150 per day. Historic Catering is renting for 24 days.

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