Danielle Miller: The Bible matters

Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 07-10-2024 6:02 PM

Modified: 07-10-2024 8:40 PM

Writer Kathe Geist doubts that legislators in Oklahoma “have read much, if any, of the Bible” [“A lot to learn from Bible,” Recorder, July 4]. After reading the column, I doubt the writer has read much, if any, of the Bible. It’s not a book about women’s liberation.

The Bible, as a Ligonier editorial of Aug. 12, 2021 explains, “is called the Word of God because God is the primary author and the prophets and Apostles are secondary authors ... Because the Bible is the very Word of God, it is the final authority in all matters of faith and life ... The Bible is both infallible and inerrant.”

Further, “We need no other book or personal revelation to discern the way of salvation and the will of God for our lives.”

A true Christian would want the Bible to be taught in every public school. Evolution and climate change do not matter, but the Bible matters. This life is short, eternity is forever.

Danielle Miller