Noel Gomez: Doesn’t feel safe with Biden

President Joe Biden and Donald Trump

President Joe Biden and Donald Trump AP PHOTO/ALEX BRANDON

Published: 06-16-2024 8:09 PM

About four months ago, I submitted a letter stating that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are too old to be president and the cut-off age for president should be 70 years old. 

I noticed that Biden has something in his ear lately so he doesn’t forget what to say. A good example of that is that he never takes questions from reporters at the end of a news conference. We the public can’t afford to live with him in office. Where’s the uproar about Clinton when he was having sex with a young girl in the White House no less? You can gang up on Trump all you want but Biden would have destroyed us during Covid-19. Now he’s trying to take Trump’s ideas on the border to win votes. 

I’m 84 years old and I’ve seen what age can do and the only thing different is my wife is not a doctor. Biden and Trump are like day and night. I don’t feel safe with this guy. 

Noel Gomez


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