Ahmad Esfahani: Slivers of humanity

Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 06-14-2024 3:14 PM

Pay enough attention to our present run of widespread protests and you’ll hear a certain echo of rhetoric. Which type of rhetoric? The one which uses “comrade,” “solidarity,” and “reclaiming the the land,” or perhaps more simply put, the one whose color is red and its emblem the closed fist. Whoever the Kardashians’ counterparts were in 18th century France, early 20th century Russia, or Godfather 2-era Cuba would likely be already looking into their store of luggage. As summer heats up with possibly another “blip” of inflation, it is comforting to be reminded by those models of celebrity how nothing is really that bad when you have enough money to buy what you want. Palestinians would be totally better with a makeover, am I right? OMG and LOL. The temperament, not the temperature, is what grows in both volume and extremity. On the precipice on true disruption, but can we spare a moment for Bad Boys 3? Yeah, baby. Give us tailored and crafted stories of good defeating evil to alleviate any concerns that our tax dollars are contributing to genocide. If documentaries are more your speed, why not take a step into an Americana which only exists within the mind of an established (i.e. establishment) filmmaker who would rather us focus on Benjamin Franklin than Benjamin Netanyahu. The strained faces of those chanting “Biden Good” and “Trump Good” are doing their best to place their eyes upon only a tiny sliver of human existence. The sliver with the money.

Ahmad Esfahani


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