Andrea Davulis: The northern spotlights

Lum3n/via Pexels

Lum3n/via Pexels Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 05-14-2024 5:01 PM

On Saturday, May 11, my husband and I (we live in Worcester) drove to the North Quabbin region in hopes of finding an open, dark area where we could hopefully see the northern lights. We were wandering around New Salem looking for the lake, which we never ended up finding, when we saw two moving lights in the northern sky and became very excited. They did not entirely look like what we would have expected for the northern lights, but it was slightly cloudy and what did we know. I suggested UFOs? My husband replied, "If aliens are going to invade Earth, tonight would be the night!" We whipped the car around and chased the "northern lights" through Orange into Athol ... and straight to Athol High School. They were spotlights set up for prom night! Despite our utter lack of success, this was one of our funniest road trips, and I cannot wait to come back to the area during the daylight. Also, congratulations to the Athol high schoolers on your graduation and I hope you had a very fun prom!

Andrea Davulis


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