Maura Morrison: Eloquent commentary noted

Published: 02-28-2024 5:31 PM

It was heartening to see the number of people who attended the Feb. 24 City Council meeting to voice opinions on a number of issues during the public comment period, which lasted an hour. It was disheartening, however, to hear the outspoken backlash given to a fellow citizen who came to speak on the opposing side of the cease-fire resolution that many in attendance said that they favored. The outburst was disrespectful, rude and unkind, and for me, disappointing.

I have come to know Greenfield as a kind and welcoming community, and this did not strike me as typical of the community that I know. However, I was heartened again, by the final speaker, Wendy Goodman. Her words were restorative. “I was very touched by the wisdom and eloquence in our community, and I don’t have a side here,” she said. She went on to ask that we please listen to each other and know that there are multiple points of view on any situation. “We have to start listening to each other and validating each other. We all have a piece of the truth.” I am writing to thank Wendy Goodman for echoing my thoughts with her eloquent commentary.

Maura Morrison


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