Molly Merrett: Apologies for last week's council meeting interruption

Published: 02-28-2024 5:31 PM

Dear Devorah Rose, City Council, and Greenfield community: I would like to apologize and take accountability for my actions at the City Council meeting on Feb. 21. Interrupting my fellow Greenfield resident was an unacceptable breach of City Council meeting rules and expectations which I sincerely regret. I believe that everyone has a right to be heard by their elected officials. My actions did not reflect that and I am sorry. I am deeply committed to our community and to our collective humanity. I believe that healing and building bridges globally starts here at home. While Greenfield residents might disagree over the current conflict in Israel/Palestine, I welcome a civil dialogue to explain our positions in a more appropriate forum, with a spirit of listening to and caring for each other. This has been an important learning experience and I am grateful for the patience and feedback I’ve received from city councilors, activists, residents and friends. 

Molly Merrett


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