Spelling Bee raises $9,000 in mini-grants

Thursday, February 23, 2017
Spelling Bee raises $9,000 in grants

SHELBURNE FALLS — The Community Spelling Bee last November made it possible for the Mary Lyon Foundation to award about $9,000 worth of mini-grants to schools and teachers working within the West County Towns.

The 48 grants awarded ranged from $24 (for armbands, for the outdoor game “Capture the Flag), to $406 for an “Enrichment through Experience” camp at the Connecticut Science Center. Teachers from all the Mohawk schools, Rowe, Hawley, and Charlemont put in for grants for such needs as speech and language therapy games, math programs, clay for 3D sculpting, classroom projects, books and 3D printing technology.

This year’s Spelling Bee drew 30 teams that competed for the Grand Championship. The mini-grants are awarded for field trips, classroom supplies and essential curriculum material.