Changing Hands: Land transfers, week of Feb. 1

Published: 1/31/2019 12:18:15 PM

Mary Ann Kinne Isdale Revocable Trust, Ian Isdale of North Branford, CT and Margaret Holly Isdale of Hawley, Ma., Trustees, to Mary Ann Kinne Isdale Marital Trust, Ian Isdale of North Brandford, Ct and Margaret Holly Isdale of Hawley, MA, Trustees. 221A Pfersick Road. No consideration


Kathryn L. Hallenbeck to Kathryn L. Hallenbeck and Ann M. Hallenbeck. 73 North Heath Road. $1

Carla Abbott of Southampton, Ma and Debra Booth of New Milford, MA to Janice Schechterle. 68 Colrain Road.(Land also in Colrain).$1

Janice Schechterle to Chester T. Yazwinski, Jr. of Deerfield, MA. 68 Colrain Road. (land also in Colrain). $404,900


Beckley Realty Trust, Nancy J. Beckley of Arlington, MA and Marilyn E. Beckley, of Syracuse, NY., Trustees, to Le Chapeau Realty Trust, Ryan Magee, Trustee, of Cambridge, MA. 170 Stetson Brothers Road. $300,000

Russell E. Coombs, Jr., to Russell E. Coombs Jr. and Kim Marie Coombs. 153 Prolovich Road. $1

Carla Abbott of Southampton, MA and Debra Booth of New Milford, MA to Janice Schechterle. 68 Colrain Road.(land also in Charlemont). $1

Janice Schechterle to Chester T. Yazwinski, Jr. of Deerfield, Ma. 68 Colrain Road. (land also in Charlemont.) $404,900

Brenda Tozloski “fka” Brenda Mitchell to Dennis C. Tozloski and Brenda Tozloski. 30 Shelburne Line Road. No consideration


Federal National Mortgage Assn by attorney of Dallas, Tx and Contin- ental Real Estate Services Inc, Attorney, to Amanda Lee Cleveland. 936 South Deerfield Road. $146,000


Rebecca M. Sherburne “fka” Rebecca G. Melvoin to Ryan L. Sherburne of Greenfield. Old Albany road/South Shelburne Road. $1

Jason Martin and Melissa Yetter Martin to Melissa Yetter Martin. 52 Sawmill Plain Road. $1

Melissa Yetter Martin to Melissa Yetter Martin and Timothy Michael Mazella. 52 Sawmill Plain Road. $1


Gary J. Betters and Paula D. Betters to Heather L. Cassidy of Chester, MA. 7 Pleasant St. $215,000


Karen L. Cole to Andrew J. Cole. 457 Main Road. $1


Rebecca M. Sherburne “fka” Rebecca G. Melvoin to Ryan L. Sherburne. Old Albany Road/South Shelburne Road. $1

Julie L. McKown “fka” Julie L. Thurston of Watervliet, N Y, Edwin R. Thurston and Carol A. Thurston to Carol A. Thurston. 14 Frederick Road.$1

Carol A. Thurston to Michael J. Cachat, Jr. of Erving, MA. 14 Frederick Road. $161,000

Sunrise Ventures LLC of Bernardston, MA., to Vladimir Agapov and Yelena Agapov. 29 High St. $90,000

Karen J. Lutsky to Lutsky Investment Trust, Karen J. Lutsky, Trustee. 40 Peabody Lane “fka” lot 6, Peabody Lane. $1


Germain D. Benoit to Christine L. Hicks. 136 West Hawley Road “fka” 138 West Hawley Road. $133,000

Phyllis A. Gotta of Springfield, MA, to Revocable Indenture of Trust, Daniel R. Gotta, Individually and Trustee of Hampden, Ma. 235 East Hawley Road. $1


Deeann C. Civello “aka” Dee Ann Civello to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Thomas E. Maczka, Thomas E. Maczka, Trustee. 356 North Leverett Road. Less than $100

Laurie Lynn Sutherland of Chicopee, MA, Gregory L. Woodard and Lynn H. Woodard to Ivy Mabius of New Orleans, Louisiana. Putney Street & Montague Road. $237,600


Ellen C. Chapin to Matthew R. Szczepanek and Kara E. Szczepanek of Greenfield. 811 Fairway Avenue, Unit 811, Atrium Condominium. $126,000

Sharon L. Kennaugh of York Harbor, ME, Gerry G. Simons of Largo, FL, Courtney Simons and Kara D. Simons to Athena M. Morris. 15 Crescent St. $72,500

Jason S. Corey and Angela B. Worden-Corey to Jason S. Corey and Angela B. Worden-Corey. 126 Millers Falls Road. $1


Philip E. Yokel “aka” Philip Yokel and Susan Wagner of Peterborough, NH to William E. Ferguson and Jo Ann Ferguson of Fruitland Park, FL. 17 West lane & 20 Woodruff Way. $99,500


Donna Olson-Gallagher of North Caldwell, NJ and Janet Olson-Martini of Boston, MA, to Vincent MacDonald and Rachel MacDonald. 218 Prentiss St. $160,000

Richard L. Hames of Spencer, MA, to David J. Godin. 320 Holtshire Road. $199,900

Diane L. Beers to Joshua D. Pincus and Clare L. Caldwell. 146 Butterworth Road. $209,000

Amanda Lopez to Dylan T. Smith and Jillian R. Manty. 149 Memory Lane. $189,000

Jonathan M. Raisz & Katherine M. Raisz of Jamaica Plain, MA, Matthew H. Raisz of Weymouth, Ma, Nicholas M. Raisz and Stephen M. Raisz of Farmington, Ct., to Martin Nominee Trust, Jonathan M. Raisz and Katherine M. Raisz, Trustees, of Jamaica Plain, MA. North Main St. $1


USA Housing Urban Development of Washington, DC, to Mark Duval and Jenalyn Duval of NCTS, FPO, AE. 306 Zoar Road. $65,000

James W. Lively “aka” James Lively and Deborah L. Lively “aka” Deborah Lively, to Lively Investment Trust, James W. Lively and Deborah L. Lively, Trustees. 64 Dell Road. $1


Harvey E. Peck and Nancy M. Peck to Harvey E. Peck Investment Trust, Harvey E. Peck, Trustee and Nancy M. Peck Investment Trust, Nancy M. Peck, Trustee. 254 and 256 Peckville Road. $1


January Hills Realty Trust of Amherst, Ramona Balicki, Trustee to Mark Cousland and Karen S. Cousland of Amherst, MA. 75 January Hills Road. $271,500

Edmund L. Gettier, III and Lucia M. Gettier of Shutesbury, MA, to Lucia M. Gettier, of Shutesbury. 77 Weatherwood Road. Less than $100

Stephen J. Puffer and Janet M. Puffer to Deacon Bonnar, Sarah Patton and Susan Patton. Leverett Road. $40,000


Marco Poletto and Victoria E. V. Poletto “aka” Victoria Poletto, to Brian Lempel and Diana Lempel of Cambridge, MA. 55 Falls Road. $565,000


Cynthia J. Freeman of Greenfield to Brian Jones and Heather Reed. 94 Locke Hill Road. $183,000


Neal B. Abraham and Donna L. Wiley to Abraham Wiley Revocable Trust, Neal B. Abraham and Donna L. Wiley, Trustees. 184 Chestnut Plain Road. $100

Anthony R. Barschenski and Patricia J. Barschenski to Colleen Chudzik of Shutesbury, MA and Pamela Pingsterhaus of West Townsend. 172 Christian Lane. $1

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