Local real estate transactions, May 17, 2019

Published: 5/16/2019 5:19:48 PM
Modified: 5/16/2019 5:19:37 PM

Mark L. Duprey and Kristin Nicholas of Leyden to Michael N. Duprey. Eden Trail and Carlin Lane. $40,000.

Douglas J. Flagg Estate of Turners Falls, Deborah Miller, Individually and Personal Representative to Deborah Miller and Steven Miller of Turners Falls. 163 Turners Falls Road. No consideration.


Matthew McKenzie and Kim McKenzie of Conway to McKenzie Property Management Inc. of Conway. 23 Warfield Road. $1.


Betty J. Johnson “fka” Betty J. Parker to Kerry A. Johnson. 28 Cromack Lane & West Leyden Road. $1.

Betty J. Johnson “fka” Betty J. Parker to Corey A. Johnson of Brookline, Cassandra E. McCann of Belchertown, Jennifer C. Parker of Bennington, Vt. and Rhonda L. Thompson of Shelburne. 28 Cromack Lane & West Leyden Road. $1.


Charles & Gertrude Bohonowicz Nominee Trust, Gary M. Bohonowicz and Doreen M. Tilley, Trustees to Charles J. Bohonowicz Estate, Debra A. Bohonowicz, Personal Representative. 30 Sawmill Plain Road. $1.

Charles J. Bohonowicz Living Trust, and Charles J. Bohonowicz Estate, Debra A. Bohonowicz Trustee and Personal Representative to Gary M. Bohonowicz. 30 Sawmill Plain Road. $1.

Frederick T. Skalski Estate, Amanda C. Skalski, Individually and Personal Representative of Northfield to B. Gorey Fabrication LLC of Sunderland. 8 North Street/North St. $295,000.

Edward P. Gass to Edward P. Gass Revocable Trust, Edward P. Gass, Trustee. 20 Graves St. (land also in Shutesbury.). $1.


Donald A. Grybko to Donald A. Grybko and Elizabeth R. Grybko. 731 Lampblack Road. $1.

Joanne Saint-Pierre Trust, Joanne Saint-Pierre, Trustee to Ronald Siekmann and Denise Siekmann. 66 Silver Crest Lane. Unit 24, Silver Crest Condominium. $305,000.

Bradley Kreger and Jessica Kreger to Mark J. Burton and Danielle M. Burton of Shelburne Falls. 98 Petty Plain Road. $169,000.

Troy Santerre and Laura Santerre of Northfield to Jackson T. Powers and Lirianna V. Powers of Barre. 125 Maple Street. $215,000

Lorna D. Szafran Estate, Robert A. Szafran, Individually and Personal Representative of Colrain to Robert A. Szafran and Tammy A. Szafran of Colrain. 26 Cheapside. $1.

Robert L. Pura and Marjorie MacDonald-Pura to Gretchen E. Green of Canton, Mich. 138 Highland Ave. $475,000.

173 Main Street LLC to Ryan Friedman LLC of Leverett. 173 Main St. $175,000.

Theodore W. Johnson and Mary T. Milay to Solomon Sherring of Marlborough. 25 Keegan Lane, Unit 1A, College Park Condominium. $45,000.

56 Walden Lane Nominee Realty Trust, Maureen A. O’Reilly, Trustee of Brandon, Vt., to King Investment Trust, Stephen W. King and Ashley J. King, Trustees of Ipswich. 12 Myers Farm Lane, Unit 12, Myers Farm Condominium. $213,500.

Gwyn M. Hedrick-Ostrowski “aka” Gwyn M. Aras to Joanne G. Riseman of Northampton. 30 Mill St. $220,000.


Laurene L. York of Shelburne to York Investment Trust, Laurene L. York, Trustee of Shelburne. Rowe Rd. & Dell Road. (land also in Rowe.) $1.


Gail Lapierre of Chicopee to John Wigglesworth of Southwick. George Lamb Road and Green River. $10.

Michael J. Holloway and Gay E. Baker “fka” Gay E. Martin to Raymond Lavallee and Lorinda Lavallee of Easthampton. 44 East Hill Road. $237,000.

Derek R. Lovley of Amherst to Adam F. Fini of Westfield. 21 North County Road. $349,900.


Brendan J. Lyons and Misty C. Lyons to Daniel E. Lipkowitz and Amy E. Lipkowitz, of Broad Brook, Conn. 64 Old Stage Road. $375,500.

William B. Stratford to A. Joshua Dempsey and Skyla M. Costa. 219 Turners Falls Road. $160,000.

Harold H. Jensen III to Jensen Investment Trust, Harold H. Jensen III Trustee. 25 Green Pond Road. $1.

Lisa F. Hassay to William B. Stratford. 21 Dry Hill Road. $231,000.

Ryan A. Hackett to Sandra B. Mayo. 26 Grove St. $156,000.

Mark S. Powers of Colrain and Diane M. Murley of Turners Falls to Jennifer C. Dorval and Jan M. Novak of Greenfield. 7 Millers Falls Road. $204,900.

M. Christine Mero “aka” Mary Christine Mero to Mero Investment Trust, Mary Christine Mero, Trustee. 31 Court Square. $1.

Timothy F. Washburn to Thomas J. Mitchell of Amherst. 9 Dry Hill Road. $34,000.

Pauline I. Paulin Estate, Robert William Paulin, Individually and Personal Representative to Robert William Paulin/Robert W. Paulin. 109 Montague St. No consideration.


BLB Resources Inc., USA Housing Urban Development of Washington, DC to Merri-Lee Legassey of Athol. 39 Neilson Rd & 1 Cummings Road. $35,000.


Edward Justin Berg and Edward J. Berg, Jr. of Easthampton to Edward J. Berg Jr. & Kathryn J. Berg 2017 Living Trust, Edward J. Berg, Jr. and Kathryn J. Berg, Trustees. South Mountain Road. $1.

Eugene Rice to Timothy Bowen and Mary Sullivan-Bowen. Main St. $5,000.


James P. Jackson of Athol to Jas Realty Trust, Sophia Cantrell, Trustee of Athol. 109 Dana Rd & 77 Pleasant St. No consideration.

Gerard Pilorge, Jr. and Kristin L. Smith Pilorge to Christopher J. Milusich and Caitlin A. Smith. 116 Prentiss St. $200,000.

Norman A. MacLeod and Beverly J. MacLeod to Norman H. Macleod. 10 Main St. $280,000.

AGT Homes LLC of Millers Falls to Raul Maldonado. 43 Meadow Lane. $262,000.

Goulding Orange Family Realty Trust, Richard A. Goulding Jr. and Roberta A. Goulding, Trustees to Richard A. Goulding, Jr., and Roberta A. Goulding of Scituate. 91 Fryeville Road. $1.

Town of Orange to Kyle White. 19 Forest Lane “aka” Point on Lake Mattawa. $23,000.


K. Peter Besgen “aka” Karl P. Besgen and Anne E. Besgen to Besgen Investment Trust, Karl Peter Besgen and Anne E. Besgen, Trustees. 198 Hazelton Road. $1.

Laurene L. York of Shelburne to York Investment Trust, Laurene L. York, Trustee of Shelburne. Rowe Road and Dell Road.(land also in Heath). $1.


James M. Downs, Jr. and Patricia S. Clements to Tamara Sloan of Buckland. 51 Water St. $249,000.

Laurene L. York to York Investment Trust, Laurene L. York, Trustee. 874 Mohawk Trail, 894 Mohawk Trail. $1.

Linda M. Allen to Katharine Lagreze Mason of Greenfield. 96 Mechanic St. $180,000.

David Adie and Debra Bess Hoyle of Conway to Brian P. Maurer and Diane Maclachlan of Nashville, Tenn. 33 Dragon Hill Rd, Unit 33 Dragon Hill Condominium. $232,500.

Francis L. Gipe and Susan E. Gipe to Lisa M. Gipe of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Francis L. Gipe and Susan E. Gipe. 213 Skinner Rd. $1.

Ruth C. Anderson Estate, Polly Anderson of Buckland and Sidney C. Anderson of Williamstown, Personal Representatives to ZYYX LLC. 52 Bridge St. $395,000.

Polly Anderson of Buckland, Sidney C. Anderson of Williamstown, Malah A. Miller of Dummerston, Vt., Lynn A. Hoeppner and Nina A. Coler to ZYYX LLC. 52 Bridge St. $1.


Edward P. Gass to Edward P. Gass Revocable Trust, Edward P. Gass, Trustee. 22 Gass Lite Lane and land on Lake Wyola. (Land also in Deerfield). $1.


Spaulding 2012 Revocable Family Trust, Howard O. Spaulding, Trustee of Winchester, N.H. to Miriam K. Spaulding of South Deerfield. Old Winchester Road “fka” Scotland Road. $1.


Jason F. Farrick Sr. of South Deerfield and Susan K. Gromaski “aka” Susan Gromaski of East Longmeadow to Timothy P. LaMontagne and Melanie K. Zacek of Amherst. 195 Christian Lane. $270,000.

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