Franklin County land transfers 6/14/17

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Beth A. Stinchfield to Beth A. Stinchfield and James A. Fitzgerald. 235 Martindale Road. $1


Justin H. Lively, Susan M. Lively and Thomas S. Lively to Justin H. Lively. 4 Roundhouse Hill Road, “aka” 4 to 6 Roundhouse Hill Road. $1

Ellen G. Saxe to Ellen G. Saxe and Ethan K. Dufault. 70 Ashfield St. $1


Michael E. Kane and Carole D. Kane to Daniel J. Girard. 25A Thunder Mountain Road. Unit A, Thunder Mountain Condo. $233,000

Gerald A. Coates to Tammy J. Berard. 146 Oxbow Road. $1

Equity Trust, Co., for the benefit of Richard M. Grab, IRA, to Robert W. Sullivan, Barbara L. Sullivan and Melissa J. Ashton. 56 Vincent Road. $158,000


Malcolm J. Cichy and Joyce S. Cichy to Budlia LLC. 14 Conway St. $386,900

Beverly A. Welcome, Beverly A. Welcome, conservator, Dennis E. Welcome, by conservator, Dennis E. Welcome Sr., by conservator, to Beverly A. Welcome. 360 Upper Road/96 Upper Road. $1

Beverly A. Welcome to Welcome Investment Trust, Beverly A. Welcome, trustee. 360 Upper Road/96 Upper Road. $1

Mary Lou Morawski to Michael R. Morawski Jr. Routes 5 and 10. $1

Brickett Allis, Diane Allis and Danielle Marie of Greenfield to DBVA LLC. 717 Greenfield Road. $1


Carl G. Svendsen and Mary Kathleen Leonard to Jason A. Burnett and Holly H. Burnett. 39 Swamp Road, “fka” Laurel Lake Road. $299,000


James T. Deery to Mauria Sirum. 8 Myrtle St. $180,000


Greenfield KMW LLC to David Pederson and Eilidh Pederson. 26 Verde Drive. $373,500

Country Club Road LLC to Butler Investment Trust, Maureen R. Butler, trustee. 14 Silver Crest Lane. Unit 8, Silver Crest Condo. $283,856

Stephen J. Simon and Barbara K. Simon to Michael B. Hassay and Teresa S. Hassay. 96 Country Club Road. $300,000

Dean J. Fusto and Minh Nguyet Nguyen to Daniel J. Bensen and Rachel M. Bensen. 90 Highland Ave. $315,000

Michael Swan and Ariel Lareau-Swan to Kyle R. Schroder and Rhiannon M. Thackeray of Easthampton. 890 Bernardston Road. $210,000

Alexander R. Lattanzio of Riverview, Fla., to Mark A. Maloni. 239 Green River Road. $179,000


Janice M. Boudreau to Maria B. Topitzer of Colrain. 101 Route 8A South, “fka” Jacksonville Stage Road. $217,000

Lisa D. Rose-Andrews, “aka” Lisa R. Andrews, to Richard Udale and Ann Marie Udale. 17 West Main St. $205,000


Shirley J. Nopper to Richard Kassirer and Susan Staten Kassirer. 83 Long Plain Road. $260,000


Sara Elise Abrams and Miriam E. Wells to Scott R. Murphy and Elisabeth E. Alba. 38 Park St. $160,000

Robert W. Koch to Robert W. Koch and Jeffrey R. Koch. 98 Turners Falls Road. No consideration

Robert W. Koch to Robert Mark Koch and Jeffrey R. Koch. 96 Turners Falls Road. No consideration

John H. Speek Jr. and Christine M. Speek to Allen E. Labor Jr. and Tara Labor. 53 L St. $173,000

OBear Construction Co., Inc., Pioneer Valley Redevelopers, LLC, Qui Mei Zheng, “aka” Qiu Mei Zheng, to Pioneer Valley Redevelopers, LLC. 132 L. St. $699,664


Pamela Bailey to Marcia L. Gary. 10 Jenne Horr Road, “aka” Jennie Horr Road. $132,000


Amy E. Grieger to Michael E. O’Bannon and Theresa Jenoure. 94 Lucky Clapp Road. $205,000

Roger Slocum and Jennifer L. Guetti Slocum, “aka” Jennifer L. Guetti, to Brian Downes. 602 Millers Falls Road. $215,000

Lucy E. Hann Revocable Trust of New York, N.Y., Lucy E. Hann, trustee, to Philip Yokel and Susan Wagner, of Tucson, Ariz. 20 Woodruff Way, “fka” 16 Woodruff Way. $10,000

Mark Terounzo and Silvia Terounzo, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, by attorney, Orlans Moran, PLLC, attorney, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee. 79 Caldwell Road. $125,968

Mitchell R. Damon and Kristin Z. Kellom-Damon, “aka” Kristin A. Kellom-Damon, to Daniel F. Graves of Greenfield. 7 Main St. and Main Street. $1

Daniel F. Graves to Mitchell R. Damon and Kristin Z. Kellom-Damon. 7 Main St. and off Main Street. $1

Joseph W. Bedard to Bedard Investment Trust, Joseph W. Bedard and Gail M. Bedard, trustees. 15 North Lane. $1


Andrei Agapov to Ray Williams and Tanyah Frost. 31 Prescott Lane. $259,000

Erivoria R. Jones Giurcan, “fka” Erivoria R. Jones, to 119 West Myrtle Street Realty Trust, Cheryl Wright, trustee. 119 West Myrtle St. $106,000

Randy D. Plante to Lisa E. Granger. 5 Clark Ave. $179,900

Shaun J. Crawford to Wells Fargo Bank, NA. 399 East River St. $162,880

Wells Fargo Bank, NA, of Ft. Mill, S.C., to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. 399 East River St. $1

US Bank Trust NA, trustee, by attorney, Caliber Home Loans, Inc., attorney, to Rebecca Sharp. 112 East Main St. $40,000


Jeffrey E. Parent and Margaret Parent to John Rose-Fish and Jill M. Rose-Fish. 32 Shippee Road. $280,000


Maureen R. Butler to Butler Investment Trust, Maureen R. Butler, trustee. 441 Mohawk Trail. $1


Melvin David Bigelow Estate, “aka” Melvin D. Bigelow Estate, and Sandra J. Mazzella, personal representative, to Sandra J. Mazzella and Kenneth D. Bigelow. 802 Wendell Road and Watsons Straights. No consideration

Maureen A. Feyre-Febonio, Victoria A. Feyre-Febonio to Karen Julie Auerbach. 33 West Pelham Road. $210,000


Paul Yurkevicz of Montague and Irene Yurkevicz to Jonathan C. Potyrala and Heather M. Potyrala of Hadley. Falls Road. $73,000


Terry L. Kemerer Estate, Albert J. Belanger, personal representative, to Dale R. Woods and Andrea M. Woods. Orange Road. $1,000


John E. Dubois and Lynda L. Dubois to DeSharone Revocable Trust, Andrea DeSharone, trustee. 148 North St. $325,000

Michael R. Morawski Estate, Mary Lou Morawski, of Sebastion, Fla., personal representative, to Michael R. Morawski Jr. of South Deerfield, Mary Lou Morawski and Andrea Morawski, “aka” Andrea Warchol, of South Deerfield. 149 Long Plain Road. No consideration

Mary Lou Morawski to Michael R. Morawski Jr. and Andrea Morawski, “aka” Andrea Warchol. 149 Long Plain Road. $1