Franklin County land transfers for 6/7/17

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Elizabeth Josephine Meunier Estate, “aka” Elizabeth J. Klemer Estate, and Elizabeth A. Klemer, personal representative, to Elizabeth A. Klemer and Katherine M. Klemer of Northampton, Benjamin P. Klemer of Jacksonville, Fla., Mark R. Klemer of New York, N.Y., Paul D. Klemer of Montague, and Steven Klemer of Steamboat Springs, Colo. 268 Buckland Road. No consideration


William R. Pratt and Shalee M. Pratt to Stewart D. Scannell and Julia M. Scannell of Shelburne. 38 Depot St. $225,000


Christopher L. Churchill Sr., “aka” Christopher Churchill, to Christopher L. Churchill Sr. and Nina N. Bisnette. 11 School St. $1


David A. Bahlman and Howard D. Klosterman of North Carolina to Timothy J. Fazio. 400 Legate Hill Road. $182,500


Greenfield Savings Bank to Troy M. Santerre of Northfield. 295 Jacksonville Road. $15,000


Walter K. Price and Barbara A. Price to Walter K. Price. 2580 Main Poland Road. Less than $100


Jonathan Paul Tuck, individually and executor, and C. Blake Gilmore, executor, to Jonathan Paul Tuck. 25 Lee Road. No consideration

Malcolm G. Thompson to Bonita Joyce Weeks. River Road. $1

William W. Melnik Sr. and Sharon M. Melnik to John G. Savage Realty Corporation. Ferry Road and Old Ferry Road. $156,000

Priscilla Monahan, “fka” Priscilla M. Telega, of Kitty Hawk, N.C., and Daniel W. Telega to Daniel W. Telega. 125 to 127 North Main St. No consideration


Aaron A. Bishop and Cynthia A. Palumbo by Wells Fargo Bank, NA, of Des Moines, Iowa, to Wells Fargo Bank, NA. 143 Barney Hale Road. $144,000


James C. Adams and Rita A. Adams to James C. Adams. Leyden Road. $1

Andrew M. Goolsby-Cole, “fka” Andrew M. Cole, and Cody A. Goolsby-Cole, “fka” Cody A. Goolsby, to Tyler R. Ward. 40 Conway St. $174,900

Robert R. Carey, Jack D. Curtiss, John C. Gates and George L. Goodridge, III, to 173 Main St., LLC. 173 Main St. $1

Fannie Mae, by attorney, “aka” Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, attorney, to Donald W. Miller, of Turners Falls. 111 to 113 Deerfield St. $58,900

Argenis Fuentes Maldonado and Kerri Anne Sinclair by JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA., to JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA. 112 Fairview St. $128,000

William Koldis of Northfield to Mark Sirum and Tracy Sirum. 26 Colrain St. $178,000

Michael R. Covey and Donna M. Covey of South Deerfield to Eric J. Covey and Heather C. Poulin. 52 Prospect St., Unit D, Highland Park Condo, and Unit 2, Highland Park Condominium. $50,000

Louise E. Crandall to Walter White and Ruth E. White. 7 Harrison Ave. $193,500

Jason Fellows of Humble, Texas, to Anne M. Platzner of Sunderland. 21 Spring Terrace. $260,400

Keith R. Laudieri to James Emerson and Katharine L. Mason. 3 Valley View Drive. $249,000


Alan R. Mully Living Trust and Joanne M. Mully Living Trust, Alan R. Mully and Joanne M. Mully, trustees of both trusts, to Patricia Hamilton of Florence. 149 Cave Hill Road. $395,000


Casey R. Fahey of Greenfield, and Nicole J. Fahey, to Nicole J. Fahey. 67 Oakman Street. No Consideration

Pamela A. Wolanske to Pamela A. Wolanske Investment Trust, Pamela A. Wolanske, trustee. 30 Randall Wood Drive. $1

Lawrence T. Graves, Lawrence T. Graves Jr. and Janet A. Graves, to Graves Investment Trust, Lawrence T. Graves Jr. and Janet A. Graves, both trustees. 21 Worcester Ave. $1


Jeffrey R. Remillard of Greenfield and Heather Kabaniec of Richmond, N.H., to Catherine A. Burniske. 66 Pierson Road. $172,500

Northfield Campus, LLC, of Georgia and Medallion Group, LLC, to Thomas Aquinas College, of California. Main Street. A charitable intent

Northfield Campus, LLC, and Medallion Group, LLC, to Thomas Aquinas College. Elm Street. A charitable intent.

Northfield Campus, LLC, and Medallion Group, LLC, to Moody Center Inc. Main Street, Moody Street and Winchester Road. A charitable intent

Judith M. Smith-Pfeffer, “fka” Judith M. Smith, of Bedford and Elizabeth E. Noonan of Shutesbury to Pfeffer Realty Trust of Bedford, Judith M. Smith-Pfeffer and Jerome W. Pfeffer, trustees. Orange Road. $100,000

Flemister Investment Trust, Judith A. Flemister, individually and trustee, to John Henry Shairs and Wendy A. Flemister-Shairs of Danvers. 174 Main St. $15,000

Barbara Pos, “fka” Barbara E. Behilo, “fka” Barbara Jefferis, to Samuel J. Stevens and Emily J. Walker. 6 Louisiana Road. $136,000


Nicholas A. Chiasson and Kelly M. Sevigny to Eric N. Druzbicki. 13 Dewey Conrad Ave. $157,000

William J. Gelinas Revocable Living Trust, William J. Gelinas, trustee, and Carmen N. Gelinas Revocable Living Trust, Carmen N. Gelinas, trustee, to Heyes Family Forests, LLC. 31 Haskins Road. $92,000

US Bank Trust, NA, trustee, by attorney, Caliber Real Estate Services, LLC, attorney, to Mary Wolfe, of Athol. 40 East Myrtle St. $45,000

Melissa L. Wetherby, “fka” Mellisa Blackbird, to Don P. Noyes. 28 Eddy St. $137,500

Matthew C. Kimball of Newburyport to Ranlyn Property Investments LLC. 81 Mechanic St. $34,000

Anthony J. Paoletti and Maria C. Paoletti to Jeffery M. Sakowicz and Stephanie J. Chabot. 71 West River St. $209,900

US Bank Trust, NA, trustee by attorney, Caliber Real Estate Services, LLC, attorney, to Peter Anjos. 15 Cloukey Ave. $115,000


US Housing & Urban Development, of Washington, D.C., to CitiMortgage, Inc., of Missouri. 306 Zoar Road. $1


Aron P. Goldman of Amherst to Richard Kellerhalls and Jane Slater of Northampton. 73 Weatherwood Road. $310,000


Steven E. Blinder and Claire E. McGinnis to Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc. 198 Bull Hill Road. $282,000

Dorothy Smiarowski of Chicopee and Joseph Somers to Theodore J. Tudryn and Elizabeth A. Tudryn. Hadley Road. $1

Theodore J. Tudryn and Elizabeth A. Tudryn to Jamie T. Mullins and Alexis C. Mullins. 260 Hadley Road. $400,000


Michael L. Humphries to Robert D. Paquet and Linda A. Paquet of Petersham. White Road. $70,000


Neal B. Sanderson Estate of Hopedale and Robert J. Nehring Jr., personal representative, to Ryan Matthew Sanderson of Hinsdale, N.H. 18 North St., Swamp Street and North Street. $235,000