Kids write about the coronavirus

on behalf of Dexter Park School (Orange) teachers
Published: 5/4/2020 3:40:28 PM

(Editor’s note: Children’s letters have been lightly edited.)

Children all across America are adjusting to the “new normal.” Adults have experiences which they can draw upon to help them through these tough times, but children do not have the background to unpack all the feelings and emotions that they are struggling with. They are scared, confused, and trying to figure out a lot all at once — how to do online school, how to stay isolated and away from their friends and how to deal with the news they hear every day. The fifth-grade teachers at Dexter Park School in Orange decided to give students a chance to write about their thoughts and feelings as part of their weekly distance-learning assignments. Here are a few of their responses.

“It all started in China. People were eating bats, fish and other foods but what they did not know is that there was a sickness called the coronavirus a.k.a COVID-19. No one really noticed it until people in China kept coming into the Hospital very very sick, then it was on the news and they named it COVID-19. They shut down the airports in China and everywhere else because they did not want people getting sick but that did not stop it.

Then there were more and more cases of COVID-19. It went from person to person to person and it was a big problem. Now I think all people hate China because of this. So far it has taken over half the population of the world, and this is really sad for some kids and some people because this can end humankind. People are very worried and they’re trying to find the cure, but there’s no luck so far and it just keeps spreading and spreading. Kids are out of school — I mean, yay! — but people are fighting over toilet paper. Toilet paper! Like who fights over toilet paper? I’m a little disappointed. When you go into WalMart, everything on the shelves are all gone. People are really, really, really worried about getting sick because it can kill. Doctors are having to work all day, all night. Someone find a cure — we need it. I am scared, we are all scared and that is the news about the coronavirus.

Sammie Hager

Honestly, I don’t care for the virus; to me, it’s just another Disease, the Corona. To me it is like that flu thing that happened a year ago. I don’t really care if I’m in school or not. At school I do math and at home I do the dishes — Both Torture.

Lily Kaz

What do I think about COVID-19? I think that it is crazy that there’s a virus going around that is so bad that all schools are closed. I’m also very happy that there is no school cause I get to play video games all day besides when I play basketball and do other activities like ride my scooter.

Jacob Greenough

Coronavirus with the nickname of COVID-19 has been affecting us all. Most people are now in quarantine and families are not wanting to leave their houses. So far, over 100,000 people have died from the coronavirus. The way it is affecting my family is that we all stay in and my mom now works from home. My dad takes separate trips to the grocery store and my school is now online. I have found out that some students might even have to repeat the school year. Other continents from around the world have been in quarantine a lot longer than my family and town has.

The way it is affecting hospitals is that they are overflowing. So many people have got COVID-19 right now that hospitals are rushing to try to get them off of it. People of the United States are blaming the president for not finding a cure. Honestly, no one has found a cure. They have been using ibuprofen and other things that could possibly fix it. The scientists are working day and night to try to come remotely close to finding a cure to turn the world back to the way it was. Some people are even thinking that this is how the world ends. A lot of the world is panicking and people also are wearing masks. In the beginning of the virus, it was hard to tell if it would spread but now plenty of people have it. Colleges have moved classes onto Zoom. Work places have closed and now you can only get essential things at some stores. COVID-19 has caused a lot of worries but also I am very worried! I always feel like if I step outside I am going to just get it.

Savannah Von Schmidt

Since I’ve been stuck at home, I have been doing a lot of things like I made a cup full of popsicles sticks from 30 things to do when you are bored. Me and my family went on 3 car rides. In those car rides we were looking for stuffed bears in people’s house windows. I found 67. My dad told me something that I have to say. He said to mute the TV and put the caption so you can read. So I did this a while back but you can get paper and a pen and write down movies to watch then put it in a cup, pull it out of and watch that movie. I made a garden with my dad and we planted lots of vegetables and some fruit. The lettuce is already sprouting. I went down by the river in my backyard to take pictures on my polaroid. I miss my friends and school and teachers. I hope we get to go back and see everyone again.

Mackenna Golding

My experience with Covid-19 has been, to be honest, a little boring.

My first week, I went on walks a few times. Monday and Tuesday me and my oldest sister walked to WalMart. We met up with my mom there and she drove us back home. The rest of the week my whole family and I took walks down to the river. My dog, Rover, also came, and we all seemed to like going outside instead of just staying in our rooms doing nothing. Other than that none of us did much, so it wasn’t all that fun.

The next week we didn’t do much, especially in the second half of the week. We went on one or two walks, but like I said we didn’t do that much. Sunday, however, my mother, stepfather and I all went and hiked up Tully mountain. It was fun and had such a beautiful view, and you could even see Mount Monadnock from the top. I want to go hiking again, but we need my stepdad because he knows the trail.

This week only one important thing happened. One morning this week I got a text from my dad saying that my grandfather had died. My grandfather smoked a lot so it wasn’t surprising that he died sooner than most of my other grandparents. That’s basically all that has happened, so overall it hasn’t been that happy.

Zoe Martowska


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