EarthTalk: the economics of climate change


Dear EarthTalk: Is climate change actually good for the economy, given all the clean-up/restoration jobs severe weather is creating and the...

EarthTalk: Saving the emperors


Dear EarthTalk: I hear emperor penguins are on the brink of extinction. How did they get there and what can we do to save this species?– J.W...

EarthTalk: The greenest choices for decks


Dear EarthTalk: I am adding a deck onto my house this summer and wonder which decking materials (wood or otherwise) are the greenest? — Bill A...

EarthTalk: The impact of pet waste


 Dear EarthTalk: Does all the pet waste American dogs and cats leave behind outside have an effect (positively or negatively) on the environment? —...

EarthTalk: The EV lag in the US


 Dear EarthTalk: Why is the U.S. lagging behind Europe and China on the production and sales of electric cars? – James V., Miami, FL The U.S. lags...

EarthTalk: Redlining and environmental justice


Dear EarthTalk: What do outdated federal housing mandates from the 1930s have to do with environmental justice today? — William. O., New York,...

EarthTalk: The rapid growth of ‘white gold’


Dear c: Why is lithium mining so bad for the environment? — Jane B., Atlanta, GeorgiaLithium is called “white gold” for good reason: the metal’s...

EarthTalk: What of electric trains, planes?


Dear EarthTalk: You hear a lot about electric cars and trucks these days, but has there been any carbon-saving innovation lately in trains and even...

EarthTalk: 21st century Age of Sail


Dear EarthTalk: Since when did cargo ships start using wind power (again)? Does this save us from a lot of carbon emissions? – Bill H. Elizabeth...

EarthTalk: What’s the latest on sea level rise?


 Dear EarthTalk: What are the most recent projections about sea level rise around the world as a result of climate change? And is there any hope of...

Dear EarthTalk: I’m confused: Is China’s government committed to fighting climate change or just making the problem worse? — Paul J. Austin...

Any relation between climate change and allergies?


Dear EarthTalk: Could climate change really be making my allergies worse? - L. Pulaski, New Bern, NCPollen may be an unfortunate contributor to...

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