Jaywalking: ’Twas the Week Before Christmas

Recorder Staff
Monday, December 18, 2017

Put on your slippers, grab a hot chocolate and pull up a seat next to the fire.

We are six days away from Christmas, which means two things: I am just beginning my Christmas shopping, and it’s the season of Christmas carols and stories.

One of the most popular poems this time of year is “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore, more commonly known as “The Night Before Christmas,” a tale we all know. But has anyone ever thought about how it might read if it took on a Recorder-area sports theme? Probably not. That is, until now. Without further adieu, I give you, “’Twas the Week Before Christmas”:

’Twas the week before Christmas, and all through Franklin County

Folks were still talking, about Frontier’s fall bounty.

There was football, volleyball, field hockey, cross country and soccer

So many titles and awards, you could fill up a locker.

The Hawks volleyball team, led by coach Sean Mac

Won another western Mass. title, and got the state trophy back.

The football team reached the championship game

But they found out Wahconah had more of the same.

And the field hockey team played Greenfield a lot

But they were done in by a penalty shot.

The Turkey Day feast tasted great on this side of the river

Because Danny Vega had one arrow left in his quiver.

Fourth-and-23 usually signals for a punter

But on Thanksgiving Day, Vega threw a bomb to a Hunter.

That brought lots of frowns to the folks in the Falls

Who still don’t have a logo to hang on their walls.

The football season proved to be lots of fun

Cause the area had lots of guys who could run.

Now Worthley, now Byrd, now Young and Gariepy

On Telega, on Keith, on Grenier and Landry.

One thousand yards proved no problem to attain

So much offensive skill drove D-coordinators insane.

A second field hockey title for Greenfield proved to be a bit tricky

But the banner in the gym will be marked with a Hickey.

And speaking of Raegan, all those goals gave quite a spark

She moved ahead of Doton, set the school’s new scoring mark.

On the cross country scene, for Frontier it was merry

They had a great team, which was led by a Carey.

And the Green Wave girls’ squad won its first-ever crown

While Mohawk’s Meghan Davis was the best runner in town.

And don’t forget golf, no that would not be rightly

How about that Tech team, led by coach Knightly?

Undefeated they went and for very good reason

They advanced to the State meet, it was quite a great season.

Back in the spring, a hurler named Peyton had opposing players fanning

That pitcher is Turners Falls’ Emery, were you thinking of Manning?

At UMass, Turners shut out a formidable Wave

And then buried Mt. Everett in a 15-1 grave.

The Powertown won a state title they could carry

And further cemented the legacy of Gary.

As for baseball, it fizzled, no teams had any luck

The quarterfinals were where all local teams got stuck.

Such was the case for the tennis teams, too

The Berkshires dominated the courts, which is nothing too new.

As for the winter season, it ended rather fast

Our local hoop teams just couldn’t quite last.

Although Turners girls made the Cage, which was great

Quaboag made sure it was only one date.

The Mahar girls too proved the Cage was attainable

But after upsetting Greenfield, it just wasn’t sustainable.

And the local boys’ hoop teams didn’t qualify to go

Although western Mass. champ Hopkins is coached by Greenfield’s G-Lo.

And the hockey teams struggled, so they hatched a new planner

In fact, now they’ve merged, and they fly under one banner.

With seven schools to pull from, it should be really nice

And Green Wave hockey should find success on the ice.

That leads us to this winter, where stories unfold

And on these sports pages are where they are told.

So if I ask for one thing, St. Nick in your glories

Please let 2018 be full of great stories.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Jason Butynski is a Recorder sportswriter and wannabe poet laureate. His email address is jbutynski@recorder.com. Like him on Facebook and leave your feedback at: www.facebook.com/jaybutynski