Palm reading rabbi for hire

  • Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener, who leads the Temple of Israel in Greenfield, with a book on reading palms. STAFF PHOTO/PAUL FRANZ

  • Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener explaing reading palms. STAFF PHOTO/BELLA LEVAVI—Bella Levavi

  • Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener explaing reading palms. STAFF PHOTO/BELLA LEVAVI—Bella Levavi

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Published: 12/2/2022 3:32:48 PM
Modified: 12/2/2022 3:32:35 PM

‘You get a lot for your money,” Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener of Temple Israel Greenfield said. “I can lead a service and be the entertainment.” 

Cohen-Kiener not only spends her time leading the Temple Israel in Greenfield, in her free time she acts as a palm reader practicing her skills and reading people’s futures at booked parties across the area. 

Recently she has taken on the job of palm reading at the monthly astrology raves hosted at Greenfield’s 10Forward, the music venue below Mesa Verde, where she raises money for Stone Soup Cafe by giving individual palm readings as DJs perform in the building’s cellar. 

She said that she loves palm reading because it is an engaging way to interact with others. “I like a context where you can speak, listen and talk about meaningful things,” she explained. 

When the lucky few find themselves at a party with Cohen-Kiener she may pull someone aside to read their palm. Quickly a line will form with everyone at the party wanting a reading from the Rabbi, she explained. 

Cohen-Kiener has been reading palms for decades; she started a small company with a tarot reader and an astrologist. The three magic enthusiasts can be booked together to add a little mysticism to any themed party. 

Her Romanian great-aunt can be accredited for starting the rabbi in this hobby. “She had a gypsy tendency. It triggered my interest,” Cohen-Kiener said. 

Having her palms read as a child led her to learn the skills in her 20s. She pointed to “The Laws Of Scientific Hand Reading: A Practical Treatise On The Art Commonly Called Palmistry” By William Benham as the book that got her hooked. 

She explained she is interested in magic because it is about knowing things that might not be obvious to the eye. 

Rabbi Cohen-Kiener thinks of the palm as a map. Each part of the hand can tell the reader about how someone organizes their homes, interacts with authority, their philosophy, their multiple forms of intelligences or how they function in social and intimate situations. 

After mastering several books, Cohen-Kiener has found teachings of the palm on her own. She said she can tell if someone is stubborn judging from a bulge on their hand or what a high love line might mean. 

She explained she can tell if someone is a natural born leader by seeing how they hold their hand, and has even seen that someone may be dyslexic by looking at a line in their palm. 

If the head line and the love line connect, Cohen-Kiener explained that means a person may have Down syndrome. Sometimes by asking questions and reading palms she gets people to volunteer information about their lives and other times people will simply resonate with her readings. 

She explained Jewish people lived in ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Babylonia. “They lived in the cradle of civilization, all this knowledge was invented there,” Cohen-Kiener said. Jews also lived in places such as Europe, the new world, and the Mediterranean. Often living nomadically, Jews helped spread the ancient knowledge that we now know as tarot, palm reading and astrology (as well as science, math, and much more).

Cohen-Kiener explained there are Jewish symbols that can be found across Tarot decks showing Jewish influence in this divinatory practice from the 18th century. 

The rabbi explained there are many similar skills involved in being a pastor and being a palm reader. “In both cases you have to be a good listener and a careful speaker,” she said. 

There is an intuitive presence one must bring while palm reading and when leading a service, Cohen-Kiener explained. 

“As a rabbi you need to listen deeply and feel the meaning behind things, that can be helped with palmistry.”

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