Greenfield police investigating assault, possible stabbing

  • Greenfield Police Cruiser driving by on Main Street. Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

Recorder Staff
Thursday, February 08, 2018

GREENFIELD — Greenfield Police are investigating an assault and possible stabbing that took place in the vicinity of the Dunkin Donuts parking lot on the Mohawk Trail late Wednesday night.

Police responded to a report from a passing motorist that a man was being assaulted by at least two males who jumped out of a white sedan. The caller said he did not see any weapons involved, as he drove past the intersection.

When police arrived the victim, who is black, said he was walking along the Mohawk Trail when he was approached by an older-style white Toyota heading toward the rotary. He said two white men got out of a vehicle and began attacking him by punching him. He said he was “jumped and stabbed or cut” by two men from the vehicle. He said the taller man had short hair, was clean shaven and wore a black hoodie. According to the victim, he brandished a knife while the attack was ongoing. The second man had longer brown hair, was clean-shaven and wore a camo-style hoodie.

Although a Medcare Ambulance responded with police, the log doesn’t say whether the attacked man was taken to the hospital.

Greenfield police alerted Massachusetts State Police in Shelburne to look out for the vehicle, and they later reported seeing the vehicle in Shelburne Falls, with two occupants inside the car.

During the search for the vehicle in Greenfield, police spoke with a snowplow driver who reported seeing a vehicle matching the description in the Home Depot parking lot, doing “doughnuts” in the parking area about 30 minutes earlier.

Just 15 minutes before the assault took place, Greenfield police had received a call from another man reporting that his vehicle had been chased by two men in a white Toyota Camry for nearly a half-hour, after he had honked his horn at their car. This caller reported they had passed him several times and tried to cut him off in traffic. When he stopped on Maple Street, one of the occupants got out of the car and was running toward him. The caller drove up to the CVS lot, and the white Camry pulled into a parking lot across the street. The police log notes that “the vehicle matched the description of the subsequent call at Dunkin Donuts.”

The incident is still under investigation and the report was incomplete at press time.