Springfield man arrested in Greenfield on drug charges

Recorder Staff
Friday, March 02, 2018

GREENFIELD — A Springfield resident who was wanted for the past month by Montague police on charges of breaking and entering and larceny was arrested by Greenfield police Thursday, on opioid trafficking charges.

Anthony J. Sumlin, 28, of State Street in Springfield pleaded not guilty on all charges, between two arraignments Friday at Greenfield District Court, and is being held on a combined cash bail of $4,500 or on $45,000 bond. His next court date is scheduled for April 2.

Thursday evening, Greenfield police were patrolling Oak Courts when they ran the license plate of a parked, unoccupied car. They found the registration was revoked and the registered owner had warrants for her arrest. About 15 minutes later at 7 p.m. police saw the car leave Oak Courts. They stopped it on Locus Street.

Sumlin, who had been driving the car, was known to the Greenfield police officer who was conducting the stop, Cody Guilbault. He knew Sumlin as a drug dealer, according to Guilbault’s police report, and typically in possession of cocaine.

Sumlin was arrested on charges of unlicensed operation, uninsured motor vehicle and unregistered motor vehicle. By midnight, when Sumlin was at the Franklin County Jail, it was discovered he had about 35 grams of heroin on him and about 34 grams of cocaine. He also had an envelope with $1,691 in it.

Friday, Sumlin was arraigned for the Greenfield arrest on eight counts: trafficking in heroin, trafficking in cocaine, possession of heroin and possession of cocaine, operation of a motor vehicle after a revoked registration, uninsured motor vehicle, unregistered motor vehicle and unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.

In addition to his Greenfield arrest, he was arraigned on the Montague warrant, which was for breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony and two counts of larceny of over $250. The warrant was issued Jan. 18 and dates back to a Jan. 10 incident on Montague City Road when Sumlin and another were charged by Montague police with stealing a watch, earrings, jewelry box, a pair of Nike low-top sneakers and $2,300 from a safe.