City forming split tax rate committee

  • The Greenfield Town Hall Recorder File Photo/Paul Franz

Recorder Staff
Wednesday, February 07, 2018

GREENFIELD — The city might establish an ad-hoc split tax rate committee to thoroughly study the pros and cons of a split tax rate in Greenfield, following a proposal by City Council President Karen “Rudy” Renaud.

The proposed one-year committee would be headed by City Council Vice President Penny Ricketts, and made up of both city councilors and residents.

Originally, the city passed a split tax rate in November, following a proposal by City Councilor Isaac Mass, but was later vetoed by Mayor William Martin. The proposal was volleyed between the two branches of the city’s government multiple times before it was put on hold.

“We promised people throughout the whole discussion we would do this, so I’d like to keep our promise,” Ricketts said at Tuesday’s Committee Chairs meeting.

Since the committee will include residents and not just councilors, it requires a formal vote by the council to form the committee, instead of it being under the purview of Renaud, which was pointed out by Mass at Tuesday’s meeting.

Since it was not formally on the night’s agenda, it cannot be brought forward to the council’s full body meeting Feb. 21. Therefore, the committee won’t form any earlier than late March or early April.