Greenfield-based company looks to grow with new TRUNOLA brand


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Published: 10-13-2022 3:57 PM

GREENFIELD — Since the 1970s, “New England Naturals” has been splashed across New England Natural Bakers’ granola packages.

In December, however, that will change when the Greenfield-based company launches TRUNOLA to retailers across New England.

“We’re really excited about the brand,” said New England Natural Bakers President and CEO Chuck Marble. “We are proud of the product line.”

With the new brand, Marble hopes to build off decades of New England Natural Bakers’ success. He explained the letters “TRU” stand for “trust,” “responsibly sourced organic ingredients” and “unconditional passion for product quality,” which are everything the company stands for.

“We lay it out on our brand and it pops on the shelf,” Marble commented. “We really try to walk the talk and source our ingredients.”

Marble said one of the new brand’s first big tests came in late September with the Natural Products Expo East, an annual showcase of natural products in Philadelphia.

“We got a good response,” Marble said. “I think it will be received very well with the higher-quality components the consumer is looking for.”

Marble noted TRUNOLA is a chance to “grow the business” by leaning into the growing health kick that consumers have been on.

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“Granola as a category is taking off,” Marble said. “We’ll be able to innovate — it’s completely organic and has a much higher-quality profile. That’s really where our excitement is.”

To begin, TRUNOLA features blueberry hemp protein, goldenberry turmeric, cacao nib apricot and vanilla almond mixes. These varieties do not contain genetically modified ingredients and are certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“We really try hard to get as many certifications as possible,” Marble added.

New England Natural Bakers was founded in 1977. The 35 employees working at the 74 Fairview St. East production facility make granola, muesli and trail mixes.

Although TRUNOLA’s distribution to major retailers and natural food stores will happen in December, he said the new brand is already available in bulk at McCusker’s Market in Shelburne Falls.

“We’re very excited to be able to launch TRUNOLA,” Marble said. “It’s a great story and a great platform to grow a brand.”

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