Greenfield Schools Notebook

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Committee agrees to speed up ‘policy adoption’

GREENFIELD — A “policy adoption” proposal was passed by the Greenfield School Committee despite the protest by Superintendent Jordana Harper.

The policy allows for policies on their first reading to be voted into effect if no individual board member objects to it. The point of the policy, committee member Susan Hollins said, is to speed up the process for mostly clerical types of policies. Harper worried it was a slippery slope.

“It limits public access at a time when we’re trying to build public confidence,” Harper said.

Also approved was a name change for one of the subcommittees from Personnel and Personnel Evaluation to Personnel and Collective Bargaining.

Frustration expressed over timing of materials

GREENFIELD — Members of the Greenfield School Committee during their Wednesday night’s meeting expressed their frustration with having too many policies before them, with too little time for them or for the public to sufficiently read what they were voting on.

Vice Chair Adrienne Nunez expressed her wishes to receive materials sooner and to potentially change the tendencies of the committee in how it approaches discussion on topics and where.

“It’s a matter of us getting organized and following through,” Nunez said. “We can change our practice and doing things in the full committee.”

She pointed to the fact that the way the committee currently functions, a majority of discussion and debate is had in subcommittees and not at the full committee.

Though most of the frustration was pointed toward committee member Susan Hollins’ late submission of her materials for the School Committee packet, she, too, expressed frustration with the current process.

“We have a bigger issue here,” Hollins said, speaking to the problems with the current processes.

GHS gets OK for Spain, France trips

GREENFIELD — The School Committee approved, after a lengthy discussion with the trip leaders, to allow for Greenfield High School students to sign up for a trip to Spain and France in the spring this school year. The trip is paid for by individual students, but there are some fundraising efforts to help bring down the cost.

Curriculum director will be sought

GREENFIELD — The Greenfield School Committee wants to pursue hiring a curriculum director, replacing its former assistant superintendent, Elizabeth Pratt, who was chiefly in charge of curriculum development. Pratt left earlier this year.

“This is not about value of one position over another,” Superintendent Jordana Harper said. “There’s a recognition that funds are limited.”