What to bring to the Green River Festival

  • Balloons start to inflate as seen from the Green River Stage on Saturday at the Green River Festival. July 15, 2017. Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

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Published: 7/11/2019 8:34:08 AM

Heading to the Green River Festival? Don’t forget these items: Tickets: Whatever format you have them, just make sure that they are in your pocket when you head to the festival. There’s nothing worse then arriving at the gate and going “uh-oh.”

Phone:  I’m not suggesting you bring your phone so you can stand in front of the stage recording Angelique Kidjo’s entire set, you need your phone so that you can take advantage of the festival app. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, I suggest you do so immediately. Not only will you have a schedule at your fingertips, more importantly, you will be notified of the pop-up shows that are happening at the tiny greenhouse stage. 

Cash: There will be food, beer, wine and all kinds of crafts and such at the Makers Market for sale. It’s so important that you support these vendors.

Identification: It’s important you have your ID with you at all times, not just as a safety measure, but you will need it if you want to purchase alcohol. 

Sunscreen: There’s not a lot of shade on the grounds of GCC so go heavy on the sunscreen. 

Comfy shoes: You’ll be doing a fair amount of walking and standing, so wear shoes that will be kind to your feet. I think a good sturdy sneaker is your best bet. 

A good attitude: There’s going to be a lot of people, so come prepared to be patient and tolerant of your fellow festival attendees. For instance, people like to stand in front of the stage don’t be that guy/gal screaming at everyone to sit down. 

Water bottle: It gets hot out on that field, and staying hydrated is essential. There will be water filling stations available, so be sure and bring your water bottle, just make sure it’s not glass.

Know the rules: Go on the Green River Festival page and review the frequently asked questions, it could save you and the people standing in line behind you a lot of aggravation. Nobody wants to get stuck behind the guy arguing about bringing in his giant cooler packed with beer. Knowing what you can and can’t bring in makes for a better experience for everyone.

Rain gear: Toss one of those lightweight rain ponchos in your bag. The weather is supposed to be good, but this is New England and anything could happen. 

Kids: Bring your kids. This is a family-friendly festival with all types of activities including their own music stage — besides, kids under the age of 10 are admitted for free.

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