Go Green Wave, for one last time, then goodbye

  • Seniors gather in the gym before graduation Friday night. Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

  • Celebrated seniors are all smiles on stage at the beginning graduation Friday night. June 1, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

  • Greenfield High School Seniors place their hands on their hearts during the Pledge of Allegiance on Friday night at the school. June 1, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

  • Greenfield High School Class President Elizabeth Howland gets emotional at the end of her speech Friday night at graduation ceremonies. June 1, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

  • Greenfield High School Salutatorian Holly Sears speaks Friday night at graduation ceremonies. June 1, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

  • Greenfield High School graduate Elsa Kieffer conducts the GHS Band as it plays “Shenandoah”€ Friday night at graduation ceremonies. June 1, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

Recorder Staff
Published: 6/1/2018 11:13:28 PM

GREENFIELD — As 2018 Class President Elizabeth Howland reminisced about her times at Greenfield High School, she remained poised and smiling.

But when Howland came to the end of her speech at Friday’s graduation, she couldn’t hold back emotion any longer.

“And for one last time, go Green Wave,” Howland said, fighting back tears.

Howland and 79 other classmates graduated from Greenfield High School, in a ceremony marked with memories, joy and gratitude.

Howland listed some of the many accomplishments of her and her classmates, such as the girl’s cross-country team winning its first-ever Pioneer North League title, the girl’s field hockey team capturing its second straight Western Mass. Div. II championship and the football team beating Turners Falls High School on Thanksgiving for the first time in six years.

“These are just a few countless memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives,” she said.

Salutatorian Holly Sears thanked her friends, faculty and family for helping her and the other graduates get to where they were, ready to accept diplomas and move to the next chapters in their lives.

Valedictorian Amy O’Sullivan said no matter the feelings this graduation was the end of one journey and the beginning of another.


HIGHEST HONORS: Colin Cloutier, Courtney Danielsen, Kyle Gleason, Elizabeth Howland, Maiya Johnston, Elsa Kieffer, Amy O’Sullivan, Holly Sears, Eden Swasey, Chloe Wells. HIGH HONORS: Jamie Day, KasiaDobosz, TayabaHamayun, Ashley Hubbard, Chloe Lunt. HONORS: Leah Bosco, Marty Brown, Tannin Costa, Charles Fox, Kevin Gifford, Ravin Graves, Daniel Mihailicenco, Ethan Miller, Jenna Silk, Gabrielle Weeden, Morgan Winn.


Blanker Memorial Award: Eden Swasey; Principal’s Service Award: Elizabeth Howland; Frederick W. Porter Memorial Award: Colin Cloutier and Amy O’Sullivan.


Ana Maria Blagadarenco, Michele Elise Borcy, Leah Hoa Bosco, Zion F. Brazil, Marty Alek Brown, Adrian Michael Clark, Hope Larissa Clayton, Colin Riley Cloutier, Tannin Anatolia Costa, Luca DAngelo, Courtney Leigh Danielsen, Jamie J. Day, Sammuelle Gates DeJesus, John K. Diaz, Kasia Maria Dobosz, Kyle J. Elie, Liviu Falceanu, Devaney Flynn, Hannah Mary Foster-Marquis, Charles Stuart Fox, Grace Leigh Gibson,

Kevin Neal Gifford, Kyle James Gleason, Hannah Victoria Gonzalez, Ravin Marie Graves, Matthew Lyman Griswold, Brooke Christina Gunsalus, William Glen Gustafson, Jakai Amilcar Guzman, Tayaba Hamayun, Henry Zhenya-Patrick Howe, Elizabeth Anne Howland, Ashley Nicole Hubbard, Dakotaskye Dashea Jacobs, Shaquell Kendell Johnson, Maiya Elizabeth Johnston, Lane Kelley, Elsa Grace Kieffer,

John Todd Kimball, Jr., Brandy Kaylee King, Yonathan Lino Diego, Andrea Danielle Losacano, Chloe Catherine Lunt, Samantha Marie Martel, Lindsey Rose McGahan, Liam Bradley McLain, Javier Daniel Mendez, Daniel Mihailicenco, Ethan Thurlow Miller, Lily Roxanne Morey-Paul, Olivia Cheyenne Morris, Dakota Austin Moses, Kaylee Marie Newland, Casey Brianna Noyes, Molly Devin O’Neill, Amy Kathleen O’Sullivan, Serenity Obringer, Jenifer Ortega, Joshua Douglas Phillips, Mikaylah Summer Rhayne, Jose Alberto Rodriguez Rodriguez, William T. Roux, Lazarous S. Santiago,

Eyla Elizary Santos, Holly Sears, Nancy B. Serrano, Max M. Shapiro, Jenna Lynn Silk, Bryn Marie Stack, Jake Shul, Eden A. Swasey, Tyler N. Tereso, Harlee Thurber, Ashley Marie Torres, Micheal-Austin A. Wade, Kirsten May Ward, Gabrielle J. Weeden, Chloe Alexandra Wells, Morgan E. Winn, Samantha M. Young.

Class Night

Smith College Book Award: Inna Lyvytska; Saint Michael’s College Book Award: William LaPlante, Emma Alderman-Shapiro; Mount Holyoke College Book Award: Ngawang Tridytsang.

Honor Cords: Art – Leah Bosco, Molly O’Neill; Business: Kasia Dobosz; Culinary – Samantha Martel; English: Ethan Miller, Daniel Mihailicenco, Morgan Winn; English Language Learner: Ana Blagadarenco, Javier Mendez; Exceptional Learning: Andrea Losacano; Film Studies: Courtney Danielsen, Jenna Silk; Foreign Language: Colin Cloutier, Kevin Gifford, Tayaba Hamayun, Gabrielle Weeden; History: Ethan Miller, Eden Swasey, Holly Sears; Mathematics: Colin Cloutier, Kyle Gleason, Amy O’Sullivan; Music: Elsa Kieffer, Mikaylah Rhyane, Eden Swasey; Physical Education/Wellness: Jenifer Ortega, Lazarous Santiago; Science: Jamie Day, Elizabeth Howland, Elsa Kieffer.

The US President’s Educational Gold Awards: Colin Cloutier, Tannin Costa, Courtney Danielsen, Jamie Day, Kacia Dobosz, Charles Fox, Kevin Gifford, Kyle Gleason, Ravin Graves, Tayaba Hamayun, Elizabeth Howland, Ashley Hubbard, Maiya Johnston, Elsa Kieffer, Chloe Lunt, Ethan Miller, Amy O’Sullivan, Holly Sears, Jenna Silk , Eden Swasey, Chloe Wells, Morgan Winn.

The US President’s Educational Silver Award: Ana Blagadarenco, Michele Borcy, Leah Bosco, Marty Brown, Liviu Falceanu, Matthew Griswold, Willam Gustafson, Yonathan Lino Diego, Lindsey McGahan, Daniel Mihailicenco, Lily Morey-Paul, Molly O’Neill, Joshua Phillips, Mikaylah Rhayne, Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez, Lazarous Santiago, Maximillian Shapiro, Kirsten Ward, Gabrielle Weeden.

Art Department Book Award: Grace Gibson; English Department Book Award: Eden Swasey; Foreign Language Department French Book Award: Holly Sears; Foreign Language Department Spanish Book Award: Eden Swasey; Mathematics Department Book Award: Holly Sears; Music Department National Choral Award: Mikaylah Rhayne; Music Department John P. Sousa Award: Elsa Kieffer; Phys. Ed.& Wellness Department Book Award: Morgan Winn; Science Department Book Award: Jamie Day; Dalton Chemistry Award: Amy O’Sullivan; M . Ross Burns Book Award: Elizabeth Howland; History Department Book Award: Elsa Kieffer; Special Education Math Book Award: Andrea Losacano; Library Reseach Skills: Elsa Kieffer;

Tristan Molongoski Achievement Award: Yonathan Lino Diego; American Legion School Award: Colin Cloutier, Elizabeth Howland; American Legion Scholarship: Colin Cloutier, Morgan Winn; Thomas Suchanek Athletic Scholarship Fund: Leah Bosco, Colin Cloutier, Courtney Danielsen, Elizabeth Howland, Amy O’Sullivan, Jenna Silk, Kirsten Ward, Chloe Wells; Varsity Trophy: Colin Cloutier; Sears Roebuck Trophy: Jenna Silk; GHS Field Hockey Award: Elizabeth Howland; The Stephen Golosh Memorial Football Award: Lazarous Santiago; GHS Basketball Booster Scholarship: Leah Bosco, Colin Cloutier, Elizabeth Howland, Jenna Silk, Kirsten Ward; Greenfield Girls Softball Scholarship, Kirsten Ward; Michelle Dupont Memorial Scholarship Award: Jenifer Ortega; GEA Scholarship: Colin Cloutier; Lodge of Elk 1296, Russell Scholarship: Morgan Winn;

Greenfield Kiwanis Club Awards: Jamie Day, Kasia Dobosz, Chloe Lunt, Jenifer Ortega, Amy O’Sullivan, Jenna Silk, Morgan Winn; Daniela Zinn Memorial Scholarship Award: Gabrielle Weeden; David M. Petrin Memorial Awards: Colin Cloutier, Elizabeth Howland, Ashley Hubbard, Amy O’Sullivan, Jenna Silk, Morgan Winn; Greenfield Police Association Frank S. Roche II Memorial Award: Daniel Mihailicenco; Aaron Franceschi Green Memorial Award: Elsa Kieffer;

Silver G Awards Student Council Scholarship: Courtney Danielsen, Jamie Day, Kevin Gifford, Elizabeth Howland, Ashley Hubbard, Amy O’Sullivan, Jenna Silk, Eden Swasey; Massachusetts Student Council Commonwealth Awards: Kasia Dobosz, Eden Swasey; Student Council Scholarship, Jenna Silk, Amy O’Sullivan; George G. Jonelunas Scholarship: Amy O’Sullivan, Holly Sears; Class of 1977 Scholarship Award: Jenna Silk, Kasia Dobosz, Yonathan Lino Diego; Cohn & Company Scholarship, Ravin Graves; Russell H. Kimball Memorial Scholarship, Courtney Danielsen; Dr. Sarah Kemble Memorial Scholarship, Elizabeth Howland;

Greenfield Permanent Firefighters Local 2548 Scholarship: Hannah Foster Marquis; Franklin First Scholarship: Chloe Lunt, Elsa Kieffer; Rotary Scholarship: Daniel Mihailicenco; Nancy Mauri Robertson Memorial Award: Ethan Miller; Alber Hearing Services Awards: Kasia Dobosz, Chloe Wells; Richard Russo English Writing Scholarship: Eden Swasey; Gail Steinbring Memorial History Award: Colin Cloutier, Elsa Kieffer; Louis J. Bush Science Award: Elsa Kieffer; Weymouth Science Fund Award: Kyle Gleason; Jonathan W. Malloy Memorial Award: Chloe Lunt; Maureen Carey Smith Memorial Award: Jenna Silk; Scott K. Woodcock Memorial Award: Jenna Silk, Lazarous Santiago; Greenfield Community College Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship Award: Ana Blagadarenco; Gretchen S. Watson Scholarship: Chloe Wells;

Tri: M Music Honor Society: Mikaylah Rhayne, Samantha Martel, Eden Swasey, Elsa Kieffer; Gary Bitzer Memorial Music Award: Elsa Kieffer; G.H.S. Memorial Music Awards: Kevin Gifford, Elsa Kieffer, Jenna Silk, Eden Swasey; Women of the Moose Chapter 316 Award: Leah Bosco, Chloe Lunt, Jenna Silk; Barney & Evelyn K. Michelman Awards: Leah Bosco, Marty Brown, Colin Cloutier, Courtney Danielsen, Jamie Day, Kasia Dobosz, Charles Fox, Kevin Gifford, Kyle Gleason, Hannah Gonzalez, Matthew Griswold, Tayaba Hamayun, Elizabeth Howland, Ashley Hubbard, Elsa Kieffer, Yonathan Lino Diego, Chloe Lunt, Javier Mendez, Daniel Mihailicenco, Ethan Miller, Amy O’Sullivan, Mikaylah Rhayne, Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez, Lazarous Santiago, Holly Sears, Maximillian Shapiro, Jenna Silk, Eden Swasey, Ashley Torres, Gabrielle Weeden, Morgan Winn;

Greenfield High School Award: Eden Swasey; A.K. Warner Fund Scholarship: Tayaba Hamayun; Abigail and John Adams Scholarship Awards: Colin Cloutier, Tan nin Costa, Courtney Danielsen, Jamie Day, Charles Fox, Kevin Gifford, Kyle Gleason, Tayaba Hamayun, Elizabeth Howland, Ashley Hubbard, Maiya Johnston, Elsa Kieffer, Chloe Lunt, Liam McLain, Ethan Miller, Amy O’Sullivan, Holly Sears, Nancy Serrano, Eden Swasey, Chloe Wells; Wells Trust Awards: Courtney Danielsen, Kasia Dobosz, Hannah Foster-Marquis, Kyle Gleason, Ashley Hubbard, Chloe Lunt, Jenna Silk, Amy O’Sullivan, Morgan Winn; Haskins Scholarships: Tayaba Hamayun, Lazarous Santiago; Abigail Stratton Award: Ashley Hubbard ; Abigail Stratton Scholarship: Ashley Hubbard; Jennie L. Bascom Fund: Colin Cloutier, Elsa Kieffer, Amy O’Sullivan.

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