GCET simplifies billing format

Recorder Staff
Saturday, February 03, 2018

GREENFIELD — Greenfield Community Energy and Technology, the city’s new municipal internet provider, has consolidated its billing to include the gateway device every home needs to receive the service.

John Lunt, assistant to the mayor for Special Projects, said the change is neither a price increase nor decrease. Rather, the billing will be on one line instead of the device being billed separately.

“Currently, there are two line items on your bill that make up your monthly charge for Internet; the charge for the Internet service and a separate charge for the gateway. Those two charges will be consolidated onto one line in the new bill,” GCET wrote in a letter to customers. “You will not pay any more for your service. Though it’s a simple change, we want everything about GCET to be simple, clear and transparent.”

Lunt added that January marked the fourth straight month of subscriber growth for GCET, and is confident the provider will continue to grow its customer base this month.