Listening to rainfall outside the window

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Published: 5/6/2021 2:09:35 PM

Have you ever just sat still and listened to the rainfall outside the window?

After a few minutes, thoughts tend to step aside and a calmer presence takes over. It’s as if the mind refocuses on a more natural frequency — that of the earth — attuning to its baseline rhythm.

With focused listening, it’s possible to distinguish individual raindrops. On their own, they’re insignificant — tiny pinpricks of sound. But together, they create a gorgeous soundscape.

I engaged in this practice the other day, listening attentively as drops gently pattered onto the canopy of trees surrounding the yard; they fell from the roof and splattered in tiny popping sounds onto the muddy ground below; they landed on the gutters with sharp pings.

Through this gentle symphony, sweeping notes of birdsong floated on the cool air. I imagined it to be harbinger of the sun, which I trust will peak out from behind the clouds eventually. 

I found the consistency of the rain to be incredibly calming. There was no abrupt pause or vacillation in its pitch or volume, just a steady soundscape that faded into the background; a backdrop against which daily life unfolded, filling the silence with beauty.

The longer I listened, the more enticing the thought of simply sitting on the couch became. The taste of coffee seemed somehow richer than normal and with an added hint of perceived sweetness. My sweatshirt, pulled up for warmth against the raw air, felt softer than usual.

That’s because rain makes everything better: It rejuvenates crops; replenishes reservoirs; refreshes the soul.

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