Editor’s note: Calendar changes

Published: 11/28/2019 9:00:18 AM

Soon after I took over as features editor earlier this year, the Greenfield Recorder changed the way its calendar was populated. Before, editors manually inputted events that were sent via email into one standard format. As you can imagine, this was an incredibly labor-intensive and tedious endeavor — each of the hundreds of notices was sent in a unique format.

In an effort to streamline the calendar process and alleviate pressure on editors, Newspapers of New England, the Recorder’s parent company, implemented a digital calendar platform, CitySpark, which automatically standardized events submitted online.

While the workload on editors was drastically reduced, there were consequences. The calendar’s overall format changed.

Before, events were listed by day. Under the new way of doing things, they were curated by category.

Since the change, many of you have reached out requesting the calendar be reverted to its former state. You’ve expressed frustration that it’s difficult to find things to do when events are sorted by category and not by date.

Your pleas haven’t fallen on deaf ears.

I’ve heard your concerns and I’m happy to announce that I've figured out a way to curate events by date instead of by category. Further, we’ve created a calendar editor position. Recently, Brenda Nelson, who previously worked as at the Gazette’s front desk, became the Recorder’s calendar editor. All questions about the calendar and this new format should be directed to her at bnelson@gazettenet.com.

Moving forward, events should be submitted the same way they’ve been submitted for the past months — that is, through CitySpark. To do so, look for a red “regional calendar” button on the right side of the Recorder’s website, recorder.com. Then, click the “add event” button and follow the preceding prompts. Note that events must be submitted online through CitySpark 10 days before the date of publication in order to make it into the arts section calendar, which runs every Thursday.

This change in format is a work in progress, and I’m sure there will be tweaks that need to be made to smooth things out. Meanwhile, please continue to have patience with us. Thanks for reading and for your feedback. It’s appreciated.

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