The demolition derby results are in!

  • Three cars collide during the powderpuff heat of the Franklin County Fair’s demolition derby, Friday. Recorder Staff/Shelby Ashline

Recorder Staff
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

GREENFIELD — The winners of this weekend’s Stoney Roberts Demolition Derby at the Franklin County Fair are as follows. Competitions took place both Friday and Sunday nights.

In Friday’s event, Mechanic Ron Stetson, from Gill, won the Mechanic’s Award for the No. 37 car driven by Robert Smith.

The Best Appearance Award went to Troy Fortin of Charlemont, driving No. 170.

Cody Brunelle, Colrain, in the No. 666 car, is this year’s Feature Winner. Second in the same category went to Kyle Willbur, of Greenfield, for his No. 14 car. Third place went to Mitch Mailloy, Erving, driving No. 16.

In the Mini Pick-Up category, Joy Wood placed first, driving No. 69, and Corbin Thane of Heath placed second. In the Full Size event, Donny Brown, Colrain, won with the No. 72 car, and Jason Scott, of Montague, placed second.

On Sunday, Lindsey Savinski, of Orange, placed first for the Mechanic’s Award for the No. 33 car driven by Cody Savinski, of Orange.

Best Appearance went to Don Brown, Colrain, for his No. 72 car.

Tim Bernard, of Jacksonville, Va., won Sunday’s Feature Award. Jim Newcomb, of Erving, was runner up, and Dave Tanguay, Heath, placed third in the No. 3 car.