Judge: Easthampton man who left pipe bomb a ‘danger to the community’

Recorder Staff
Published: 4/3/2018 10:19:15 PM

GREENFIELD — A district court judge ruled the Easthampton man who police say left a pipe bomb at work is a danger to the community and shouldn’t be released.

Nelson Michael Lacaprucia, 46, an employee of Trew Stone Inc., allegedly made a black powder pipe bomb and left it last Wednesday, March 28, at the 901 River Road facility.

Lacaprucia faces charges of making and placing a bomb. Because of the severity of those charges, U.S. District Judge William F. Mazanec III ordered Lacaprucia to be held without bail at a dangerousness hearing Monday, requested by the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office pending the beginning of trial scheduled for May 1.

State law dictates that “a person detained under this (dangerousness) subsection shall be brought to a trial as soon as reasonably possible, but in absence of good cause, the person so held shall not be detained for a period exceeding 120 days.”

Monday’s hearing comes after Lacaprucia’s arrest and arraignment last week. A number of state and local law enforcement agencies and emergency personnel responded last Wednesday when Lacaprucia’s supervisor discovered the bomb in a toolbox.

Deerfield police immediately called for a Massachusetts State Police bomb squad, disarming the device, which is described as “a fully constructed device with a complete firing train capable of initiation” in a memo written by Trooper Michael Fortier.

The memo, which was filed at some point after the weekend, goes on to say that a search of Lacaprucia’s Pomeroy Place home uncovered PVC pipe, black powder, and a hobby fuse in the bedroom. Fuse wire was also found in Lacaprucia’s vehicle.

He notified police the items were there beforehand, court filings state.

In addition to local and state officers, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were at the scene Wednesday, along with firefighters from Deerfield and Greenfield.

Documented in an interview overseen by Deerfield Police Officer Adam Sokoloski Wednesday, Lacaprucia acknowledged making the pipe bomb at work, off the clock, and said he intended to set it off away from people in Trew Stone’s quarry “to see what it could do when it exploded underwater.”

Lacaprucia noted that employees sometimes set off fireworks in the quarry. Town records list 901 River Road at nearly 200 acres.

Deerfield Police Chief John Paciorek Jr. noted in a letter submitted to the court that the supervisor and Lacaprucia had argued the preceding day over deteriorating work performance. Paciorek’s letter also notes that the device had “nails and metal pointed plates strapped to the exterior of the explosive device, so when the device is detonated, substantial damage to any surrounding property and person would be devastating.”

Based on a search by of federal and state records, Lacaprucia doesn’t have a history of violent crime.

Throughout the past few decades, Lacaprucia does, however, have a number of civil infractions including a restraining order filed against him that has since expired.

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