Cohn and Company celebrating 70 years in Greenfield

  • Cohn and Company at 117 Main St. Recorder Staff/Dan Desrochers

Recorder Staff
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

GREENFIELD — Cohn and Company Real Estate will be celebrating its 70th anniversary by giving back to the community it has called home.

“We’re good to the community and they’re great to us,” Robert Cohn, president and CEO of Cohn and Company, said. “It’s the best feeling you can have helping your own people and helping your community.”

One way the company plans to give back is through giving eight area high schools $500 scholarships for students to attend Greenfield Community College, Cohn said.

Another way the company is celebrating is by giving residents a chance at $500.

Seventy specially marked keys are hidden in 26 towns around Franklin County. These keys can be returned to Cohn and Company for a chance to win $500, beginning on today. Clues for the locations of the keys will be provided on Facebook and on WHAI radio.

The Cohn and Company Real Estate has its origins in Greenfield beginning in 1948, when Simon L. Cohn established Simon Cohn Insurance on the second floor of 267 Main St.

“My father came to Greenfield because he got a free house on Madison Circle,” Cohn said, noting that his father’s uncle provided him the home.

Cohn said that his father’s business originally did not include real estate, though within a year his father realized the value of getting into that area of business.

According to Cohn, over the next 10 to 12 years real estate continued to grow for Cohn’s father, and eventually it became his business specialty.

In 1962, Cohn said that his father and former Greenfield Selectman Gerald I. Levitch partnered and moved their location to 269 Main St., becoming two companies: Cohn and Levitch Insurance Agency and Cohn and Levitch Real Estate Agency.

In 1973, Cohn said he joined his father and in 1978 bought out Levitch, creating the Cohn and Company Real Estate Agency and Cohn and Company Insurance Agency. They also moved their business to 1 Federal St.

Another change occurred in 1986, when Cohn and Company relocated their operations to their current home at 117 Main St., and the Cohn and Company Insurance Agency changed its name to MassOne Insurance Agency, Cohn said.

The companies continued unchanged until 2007, when Berkshire Bank purchased the insurance agency.

Cohn said that one of the reasons his company has seen success over the past 70 years is due to community outreach. “We nurture community as much as we can,” he said.