Local Christian radio station returns to 24/7 programming

  • Pastor David Levandusky at the Living Waters Assembly of God radio station in Greenfield. STAFF PHOTO/DAN LITTLE

  • Pastor David Levandusky at the Living Waters Assembly of God radio station in Greenfield. STAFF PHOTO/DAN LITTLE

  • Radio equipment at the Living Waters Assembly of God station in Greenfield. STAFF PHOTO/DAN LITTLE

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Published: 12/24/2019 6:27:14 AM

GREENFIELD — Pastor David Levandusky of Living Waters Assembly of God says there are times when someone is having a bad day, week or month, and needs to feel like they’re not alone. That’s when turning on the radio and hearing another person’s voice or inspirational music can make all the difference.

The church’s radio station, which has been running since 2005, has returned to its roots of offering all sorts of religious programming 24 hours a day. The station is set up in a tiny room in the basement of the small Greenfield church.

“We started out, our first two years on the air, running 24 hours a day, but then we went to sharing the time and could only be found on air from midnight to noon the next day,” Levandusky said. “People said they loved being able to listen to us all day long. They loved turning us on when they were headed to work or to do errands, whatever. We lost a lot of our audience after those first two years, but now we’re hoping to regain them.”

For all of those years, the “Total Christian” station could be found at low-powered radio station WLPV 107.9 FM, but after working with a consultant out of Georgia, Living Waters Assembly of God now has its own station, which became available when WJDF 97.3 FM was ordered off the air by the Federal Communications Commission due to the failure of it owners Jay, Donn and Fred Deane to pay nearly $8,000 in regulatory fees, dating back to 2014.

“I hear from people all the time about how much they love us,” Levandusky said. “They listen for so many different reasons. And, there’s a lot to choose from when they turn us on.”

Levandusky said he received a note from someone who said, “Hello pastor. Just to let you know, I started my chemo on Wednesday. Today, I have the station on at 1 when you introduce an older pastor. ... I would like a copy of his sermon, because it made me feel like I was standing in the presence of the Lord. It was dynamite, and I still have the station on all day.”

The pastor hears stories like that one frequently. One woman called him during an emotional time she was having and told him the radio station got her through it.

“I heard from a truck driver who said he listens when he drives from Springfield to Vermont and stops at the truck stop in Whately,” Levandusky continued. “He told me he really appreciates us.”

Levandusky said people call into his shows on a regular basis — the show is live-streamed on the web 24 hours a day. He has done interviews and had discussions with people from as far away as Washington and Florida, and has heard from people in Africa. He said they are all willing to share their life stories.

“Anyone has the opportunity to do a program for us,” Levandusky said. “Many churches do programming, as well as individuals, but they all have to be religious in nature.”

Levandusky said because it is a low-powered radio station, reaching several miles in all directions, it cannot accept any advertising, so it has sponsors and individual donations that keep it running in accordance with FCC rules. He hopes that eventually the station reaches all corners of Franklin County.

“Everyone connected is a volunteer,” he said. “We’ve all learned along the way.”

He said, for instance, Keith Decato is the program director and does so strictly on a volunteer basis.

Northfield resident Larry Hansen does a one-hour show called “Time with Jesus.”

“I talk about all sorts of things related to the Bible and play religious music,” Hansen said.

Levandusky himself does a show called “Shine Jesus Shine,” and he said there are a lot of syndicated shows offered. Other churches that offer their services on air are Moores Corner Church, Covenant Church, North Leverett Baptist Church, Erving Congregational Church and Greenfield Alliance Church.

“Besides English programs, we offer Spanish ones, as well as Spanish, Jewish and Romanian music,” he said.

Levandusky said sponsors include the churches mentioned above, as well as the Christ Community Church in Belchertown and Bethany Assembly of God in Agawam. There are also businesses that sponsor the station.

“There’s something for everyone,” Levandusky said. “It depends on what you need. There’s music, teachings, the Bible, everything.”

For more information about WLPV 97.3 FM, call Living Waters Assembly of God at 413-773-9506.

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