• This Thursday Jan. 4, 2018 photo show a turkey vulture soars in the late sunset light before roosting for the night in banks of trees in Charles Town, W.Va. According to resident Virginia Webb, "They started coming here for the winter about 10 years ago and they leave in the Springtime." (Ron Agnir/The Journal via AP) Ron Agnir

Sunday, January 14, 2018
Wildlife Center helps turkey vultures warm up

BARNSTABLE — Recent bone-chilling temperatures across Massachusetts have had even turkey vultures seeking warmth.

The Cape Cod Times reports two turkey vultures whose wings were encased in ice were taken to the Cape Wildlife Center this month after a woman discovered them huddling to stay warm under a bush in her backyard.

Wildlife center executive director Zak Mertz says the center used space heaters to warm the turkey vultures and free them from the ice. Mertz says the birds were soon doing great and eating ferociously.

Wildlife officials tweeted on Thursday the birds had been released back into the wild.

Mertz says he hopes they will rejoin their flock and have a better winter than they’ve had so far.