Camelot Carpet Cleaners driven toward a new service

Recorder Staff
Thursday, October 12, 2017

GREENFIELD — A local carpet cleaning business has expanded its services to include auto detailing, and is employing inmates from the Franklin County House of Correction’s re-entry program to do the work.

Camelot Carpet Cleaners on Conway Street, which specializes in residential and commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery, recently branched out to auto detailing after owner Cameron Ward was approached by a friend who was recently released from the House of Correction.

“There’s carpet and upholstery in every car, so often times my clients for Camelot would ask if I could clean their driver’s seat if they spilled a soda in there or something, and I would take care of that while I was at their home,” Ward said. “I did a little bit of it, but I never got into the complete car detailing end of it because I didn’t have the knowledge to deal with the exterior body.”

But earlier this year, Ward’s thinking changed after he met with a friend who had just been released from the House of Correction, which offers auto detailing to inmates as part of a re-entry program. 

“A person I know that had been released suggested that Camelot get involved with this, and because I know this gentleman and I wanted to give him an opportunity to further that skill. I said, ‘Well let’s give it a shot,’” Ward said, adding, “That’s part of the plan. These people, they need an opportunity, and this is something that they’re given the tools by the sheriff to take into the private sector, and that’s me, so I’m happy to offer that to individuals as needed.”

Ward said his business works on four to five cars a week, but plans to employ more inmates if the work picks up. One of his employees that does carpet cleaning has also been trained on auto detailing.

Camelot offers both interior and exterior car detailing, including vacuuming, upholstery and carpet cleaning, waxing the exterior and more. Ward said he strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible and uses local, biodegradable products made in Holyoke. Cars are currently being washed at Doleva Car Washes on Silver Street. They are then brought to Ward’s shop, where the rest of the work takes place.

Interior and exterior detailing for sedans begins at $120. Additional services like pet hair removal, stain removal, road tar and tree sap buildup removal cost extra. A $30 charge is added for hatchbacks and SUVs, and Camelot also offers interior and exterior-only packages.