My Turn: If only I had one redo


I see you Grandma, presiding as you once did in your kitchen realm. You are in a house dress, with the flamboyant cabbage roses, worn loosely over...

My Turn: On turning eighty


He turned 80 and she laughed. Not that it seemed all that funny. Not that it was a laughing matter. Not that her laugh was expected or that she...

My Turn: Non compos mentis III


You’ve done it too, I’m sure. You geared up to go grocery shopping. You’ve nailed the shopping list, the shopping bags, the mask, all that extra...

My Turn: ‘We are all humans’


Bassam is the father of Abir.   Rami is the father of Smadar.   A bullet finds Abir as she leaves a candy store.A suicide bomber finds Smadar.Abir...

The term “phishing” serves as an analogy of the sport of angling. Phishing attackers use “lures,” setting out “hooks” to “fish” for credentials and...

My Turn: Not just a graduation party


“I want you to see something,” you say, taking my hand, both our hands moist from the heat, to guide us up a hill to a rise. From the rise, we have...

My Turn: Reading with you


It wasn’t my idea, although I’d like to take credit. As it turned out, it was a very good idea, and who doesn’t want to own the good ideas? But in...

My Turn: Icy days


“It might be slippery,” he warns. “I think it’s icy,” he warns. “Watch your step.”“Get over. Way over. Further. The cars can’t see you,” he warns...

My Turn: Tax season


It’s mud season. It’s tax season. Every year, when the sap buckets come out, when the days get longer, when there is only that single patch of snow...

After the war, my grandparents belonged to an effort to locate survivors of the holocaust in Russia and bring them to America. Every year, a new...

My Turn: Germ warfare


Grandma believed in germs. Or at least in germ warfare. She monitored our feet, swiped at our hands, assaulted our ears and boiled the canned peas...

My Turn: A Christmas Angel 


Angel appeared on our porch Christmas morning. “My name is Angel,” he had said. “I’m lost. I wonder if I could borrow your phone.” This Angel was...

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