My Turn: Stop the steal


The out-going president has been touting voter fraud since he won the electoral college vote in 2016. All during his single, four-year term he has...

My Turn: Beware of darkness


The election is days away, and not only is “truthiness” still rampant, but outright, premeditated misinformation is being spread by domestic and...

Our president, Donald Trump, said to Bob Woodward, on tape, way back on Feb. 7, “this [coronavirus] is deadly stuff.” From the transcript of the...

My Turn: How did we get here? 


Reading about the recent resurgence of COVID nationally — specifically, 50,000 new cases in one day — I got to wondering how we got here. How is it...

With social distancing now in its second month, the inevitable grumbling from the denier/personal freedom contingent is getting louder and louder...

Make America healthy again


After reading Bob Bourke’s “Perspective on Corona Virus” letter on these pages on Friday, March 13, I thought I’d do a little research to provide a...

Today’s Republicans


In response to Jan Norris’ letter on Feb. 20 asking “if Democrats realize how pathetic we look after the three-year Russian collusion lie,” and Rev...

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