Byline: By J.M. Sorrell

Ray Bradbury’s classic book, “Fahrenheit 451,” shows a dystopian fascist future where people take pills and watch state-run TV to stay compliant in...

My Turn: Resistance to reality


Humans have a tremendous capacity to deny and ridicule reality. Wisdom comes from seeing things as they are whereas foolishness rules when we...

My Turn: DARVO demolition


It is not a new strategy. DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender) was named by Dr. Jennifer Freyd in 1997. It may refer to the...

My Turn: The start of a new year


I have lived in western Massachusetts for nearly two-thirds of my life, and I have grown accustomed to considering September the beginning of a new...

My Turn: Fair play


We start to develop our own subjective feeling of what is fair or not fair even before we learn to walk and talk. A baby expresses outrage as her...

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