My Turn: When Trump’s spell wears off


In the years following World War II, an army of psychologists, sociologists and historians delved into the mystery of why the German nation, rich...

My Turn: Names, statues and history


They say that the first casualty of war is truth. It’s also true that the first casualty in times of passion is facts. Facts are currently...

Racism is America’s ‘Original Sin’


In order to further my education about race in America, I turned to an old but venerated source. Civil Rights luminary W.E.B. Du Bois’s epic “The...

Visioning a post-Covid future


As the world supposedly returns to normal, many of us refuse to go back to the same old status quo. This pandemic provides an opportunity to...

A time of enforced reflection


Those of us who have followed with dread the antics of Donald Trump knew that sooner or later, his deceit, egomania and incompetence would catch up...

The most important election of our lives


As I turn 70 this month, I’m reflecting that I was born at the height of Sen. Joe McCarthy’s anti-Communist witch-hunt. Using lies, distortion and...

Is the United States going retrograde?


Recently, I watched an excellent PBS documentary about the Apollo space missions, broadcast to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s...

Americans flirt with ‘Nazism-Lite’


In August 2015, right after Donald Trump announced his candidacy by labeling Mexican immigrants as “rapists and murderers,” I wrote a My Turn for...

My Turn: Native Americans among us


The recent controversy over the blackface antics of Virginia politicians plus the response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential announcement has...

Immigrant faces behind the headlines


When you first drive into El Paso, Texas from the north on Interstate-10, you’ll notice off to the right a neighborhood of simple but brightly...

My Turn/Brown: Fascinating women


If asked who my historical inspirations are, my answers would be Jesus of Nazareth, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King and Jeanne D’Arc (Joan...

My Turn/Brown” Time for a new wineskin


Unlike some evangelical Christians, I consider Jesus of Nazareth to have been an actual person. Far from being a “Savior” promising a free ticket...

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