TD Bank building, GCET offices closed after flood

  • Water could be seen dripping from the ceiling into the TD Bank lobby after a pipe burst on the second floor of 324 Main St. Tuesday evening. Aviva Luttrell

  • The Greenfield Fire Dept. went to the TD Bank on Main Street Tuesday for a burst pipe that flooded the second floor. recorder file photo

Recorder Staff
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

GREENFIELD — The TD Bank building on Main Street, which also houses the Greenfield Community Energy and Technology (GCET) offices, is temporarily closed after a burst pipe flooded the second floor Tuesday night.

“They have done a good job mitigating it so far, but it’s going to be a while before people are back in there,” said John Lunt, assistant to the mayor for Special Projects. “There’s about four inches of water on the second floor.”

Multiple fire departments responded to the building at 324 Main St. Lunt said water flowed down the back staircase into the building’s first floor and basement.

“It was deep enough to bend open the door to the basement, and there is some damage to heating and electrical in the basement,” he said. “The inspector has gone in and said the building can’t be occupied until the issues have been resolved.”

The TD Bank branch was closed Wednesday, and GCET operations were moved to the Planning Office at 114 Main St. The internet provider’s technical equipment is housed in a different location.

Lunt said there have been no internet outages reported as a result of the flooding.

Matthew Doherty, spokesman for TD Bank, said the Greenfield branch will remain closed until damage can be assessed and it is deemed safe for employees and customers to return.

Lunt said the building cannot be occupied until issues have been resolved and the structure has been cleared by the building inspector. He said GCET brought in its own crew to dry the second floor.

According to a town property record card, the building is owned by S.M. Reilly Associates of Springfield.

“We’re really grateful to the Fire Department and the Police Department, they got there right away,” Lunt said. “The Fire Department did a great job of getting up there and getting to the water main, I’m sure they prevented further damage. We’re really grateful for all their efforts.”