My Turn: Black conservatives ... excuse me?

Published: 12/21/2020 8:49:03 PM

Back on Aug. 8, 1976, Thomas Sowell wrote an article for The New York Times titled, “A Black Conservative.” His words speak of a liberal media. That rings true today. Why so one-sided?

Why are Blacks like Larry Elders, Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas not being propped up by social media? The lefty media that brings you BLM, inclusiveness and equality is the same media that doesn’t give a voice to Blacks on the right. Is it because they’re Black, not left, or both? If this doesn’t cause you to pause — well, then, why not?

I realize that not everyone on the left believes what the extremist lefties are saying.

How is Biden going to unite the country? For the most part, the right and middle aren’t going to support the leftist agenda. It’s the people in government who don’t follow the Constitution, have agendas, create division and pick winners and losers.

So, moving to an all white neighborhood makes one a racist? Am I a racist? Ya know. This is tantamount to tossing s*** on a wall to see if it sticks. Is this the education public schools are offering?

You don’t want equality. You want successful people to pay for what you want. One reader said it was envy. It’s also legalized theft by the government. The left wants their way, period.

I see affirmative action as treating Blacks like a commodity. Isn’t it offensive to say, your qualifications weren’t the best, it’s your skin color we need in our group.

Some of you keep insisting that Social Security is a socialist program. Some links say that, others don’t. Why would you want to rely on government to fund some or all of your retirement? Some view Social Security as another form of legalized theft. No doubt, it has helped millions of people. However, what government does with that money is suspicious. We should learn to be personally responsible. Government should be accountable.

John Bos doesn’t understand what capitalism truly is. Unfortunately, many on the right believe tax breaks and the government playing favorites is part capitalism as well. Thomas Sowell doesn’t believe that, nor does Rep. Justin Amash in Michigan. Also, if you want to trash capitalism, as corrupted as it is, your smart phones, solar panels, electric cars, etc, etc, are all a product of capitalism.

Jim Palermo, libertarian capitalism doesn’t put corporations in charge. You’re saying that to smear Libertarians. The government chooses to help corporations and picks winners and losers every day.

Some seem to have a disillusionment of what government is supposed to do. A few readers mentioned it’s fascism taking hold more than anything. I stand corrected. Government limiting choices of consumers.

Consumers should be able to make choices in a competitive environment that allows businesses to flourish.

Susan D. Anderson, what proof do you have the Recorder isn’t printing letters from non-whites? Does the Recorder have a white-only policy? Not seeking comments from non-whites isn’t racist, because my guess is the paper isn’t only seeking comments from whites.

Blacks were better off before the welfare state. There were Black-only schools that did better than mostly white schools. Busing Blacks to white schools wasn’t a success. Read more about those from Thomas Sowell.

Thomas Sowell examines legislation years after it passes to find the results. He talks about how liberals don’t care about the effects of bad legislation. Passing a feel-good bill is what matters to liberals.

Kudos to Howard Grant, John P. O’Rourke, and Ruth Witty.

The Athol Daily News should have a political face-off between anyone on the left and Thomas Sowell.

Dave Boudreau is a resident of Athol.

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