Back home in the skies

  • An immature female American Bald Eagle was released by raptor rehabilitatorTom Ricardi near the Deerfield River that had been found in Buckland. Recorder Staff/Paul Franz—Paul Franz

Friday, August 11, 2017

An immature American Bald Eagle was released in Deerfield on Wednesday after being nursed back to health by Tom Ricardi of the Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Conway. Found in Buckland, not far from where an eagle was found last year and a known nest, the bird was suffering from an infected wound in its tail. After local veterinarian Dr. Schmidt removed some tail feathers and administered an antibiotic, the bird was fattened back up by Ricardi over the next couple of weeks. Aside from not having grown back its full tail, the majestic bird flew well, taking to the skies over Franklin County once again.