Vt. Yankee plans to speed move of waste to dry casks

Last modified: 1/14/2016 8:59:24 AM
VERNON, Vt. – Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee announced today that it plans to begin transferring spent nuclear fuel from its storage pool to dry casks starting in 2017, two years earlier than originally planned.

In announcing the change, Entergy said it will help ensure the spent fuel transfer to dry cask storage on two storage pads outside the shutdown reactor will be complete by the end of 2020.

Transfer of all spent fuel to two pads by the end of 2020 depends on obtaining a Certificate of Public Good from the state Public Service Board.

The plant’s dry storage system vendor has indicated that it will be able to accelerate the delivery schedule of dry fuel storage equipment as well as ensure the availability of qualified personnel to facilitate the earlier start of the transfer of spent nuclear fuel from the spent fuel pool to dry storage, the company said.

“While certain costs would be incurred earlier than originally planned, the overall cost of the dry storage project would remain the same,” the company said in a press statement. “Starting the campaign in 2017 is a safe and efficient option for completing the transfer of all spent nuclear fuel to dry storage by the end of 2020,” it read.

Entergy said it has committed to fund the approximately $145 million project, which includes the construction of the second pad, procurement of dry fuel storage systems, and transfer of the fuel from the spent fuel pool to dry storage, from external credit lines, rather than from the Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Fund. “This is the most cost effective option that provides the timely transfer of all spent nuclear fuel to dry storage while optimizing growth of the Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Fund,” said Entergy.

When full decommissioning should begin and what the trust fund should be used for have been issues of contention for the power plant’s critics in and out of state government.

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