‘You have so much to be proud of’: 234 graduates celebrated at GCC commencement

  • Professor Emeritus Kimberly Morin speaks at Greenfield Community College’s 2022 commencement on Saturday. STAFF PHOTO/JULIAN MENDOZA

  • Greenfield Community College celebrates the graduating Class of 2022 on Saturday. STAFF PHOTO/JULIAN MENDOZA

  • Greenfield Community College celebrates the graduating Class of 2022 on Saturday. STAFF PHOTO/JULIAN MENDOZA

  • Graduating Greenfield Community College student Julia Stahnke speaks beside her 5-year-old daughter, Rosemary, during Saturday’s commencement. STAFF PHOTO/JULIAN MENDOZA

  • Graduating Greenfield Community College student Julia Stahnke speaks beside her 5-year-old daughter, Rosemary, during Saturday’s commencement. STAFF PHOTO/JULIAN MENDOZA

  • Interim President Richard Hopper speaks at Greenfield Community College’s 2022 commencement on Saturday. STAFF PHOTO/JULIAN MENDOZA

  • Greenfield Community College celebrates the graduating Class of 2022 on Saturday. STAFF PHOTO/JULIAN MENDOZA

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Published: 6/5/2022 5:11:10 PM

GREENFIELD — Greenfield Community College interim President Richard Hopper, in his opening speech to 234 graduates Saturday, introduced a theme that prevailed throughout the addresses: acknowledgment of how the GCC community “stepped up” despite the “disproportionate impact” and “big institutional challenges” many had suffered as students amid the pandemic.

“We are living a moment in history,” Hopper said, “but it has given us a chance to see such goodness.”

In the presence of hundreds of graduates and their loved ones who had gathered under a tent on GCC’s east lawn, retiring communication professor Kimberly Morin and student speaker Julia Stahnke spoke following Hopper.

Morin, who had worked at the college for nearly three decades before announcing her retirement, praised the students’ proactivity and drive to improve their lives in spite of the world’s conditions. She condemned those who embrace stagnation and favor living lives immersed in worlds “of their own imagination” through video games and social media.

“You are not those people,” she told the class. “You have discovered your own voices and are ready to move on.”

Later in her speech, she broadened the scope of looming challenges past the pandemic to include other relevant problems within society.

“You are facing radical and ethnic divides that may be closed,” Morin said. “Social injustices that must be stopped.”

As Stahnke gave her address, she held her 5-year-old daughter, Rosemary, tight to her side, rubbing a hand up and down the child’s back as she recounted her own woes as a student mother. Due to the pandemic, she said, she “lost all child care” as education also “derailed or shifted significantly.” After a leave from taking classes, Stahnke “knew (she) had to go back to school because it was (her) pathway to freedom.”

“I started to see that being a mom wouldn’t hold me back, but it was going to be the fuel to keep me going,” Stahnke said, recalling Rosemary’s patience as she waited for her mother to finish each day of classes.

Stahnke implored her classmates to use their time spent at GCC as leverage for the future.

“Take stock of all that you’ve acquired here and the challenges you’ve overcome,” she advised. “You have so much to be proud of.”

“You need to grab the world by the tail and give it a good shake,” Morin said, nearing the conclusion of her speech.

Hopper finished his time at the microphone by assuring that today’s struggles will be tomorrow’s momentum as each graduate looks to contribute to the community.

“(The COVID-19 pandemic) is clarifying what inspires you and will reconnect you to the people who matter most,” he said. “And today, graduates, you matter most.”


Liberal Arts: Fallyn Adams, Matthew S. Albertson, Shasta Y. Aubuchon-Kenefick, Kathryne L. Behan, Tricia L. Belloli, Stacy Ward Blackadar, Emily Elizabeth Boynton, Keith Siggillino Broussard, Robert Charles Calafell III, Liam R. Clancy, Erika Clark, David Clayton, Elisha Cormier, Rachel Dane, Alexander Edwin Davidson Carroll, Hester A. Davis, Alison M. Dembek, Sienna Kells Dillensneider, Karrington Peter Dowe, Maggie Farina, Jasmine L. Farr-Marcum, Jupiter L. Fetler, Kiera Marie Florance, Sarah M. Frye, Hazel Lou Goleman, Carlos Maniel Gonzalez, Jovi Rose Graves, William H. Guyette, Caitlin Ann Hannum, Anna R. Hasten, Kristen Henry, Ava C. Hicks-Mazzallo, Kelly Anne Hughes, Cameron Scott Johnson, Antonia R. Kent, Alexis Klinker, Shaina Marie Kosloski, Katherine Adell Lawton, Evan Thomas LeBeau, Ashley Anne Letourneau, Jade Ann Linscott, Justin E. Lippert, Jack E. Lunt, William Lunt, Naomi Adeline Lurz, Linnea Marinelli, Olivia Pearl Braxton Marshall, Kaitlyn Miner, Karissa Lynnae Olson, Alanna Marie Owen, Taylor A. Parham, Rebekah Edin Patnode, Robin E. Peña, Hannah Elizabeth Phillips, Alexander Joseph Pizzonia, Amelia W. Pond-Clarke, Melissa Mae Purinton, Brandon Raab, Isabel Cristina Renaud, Yadira Roman-Rivera, Kyle Fitzpatrick Roy, Patrick Christopher Salone, Rachel Monique Sorrell, Julia Sarette Stahnke, Marisa Amber Sullivan, Joseph W.R. Theroux, Madison Yvonne Tombs, Anastasia Lei Trudel, Ian Ursprung, Megan Nicole Velez, Colleen Rebecca Wiles, Amelia Jane Worden, Nicholas David Wornham and Yangchen Palmu.

Business Administration Transfer Program: Ethan Andrew Ackerman, Akilah Hunt, Lyle M. Augusto, Valerie Kasper, Kristin Marianne Carter, Gabriel W. Martinez, William B. Christie, Susan B. McComb, Madelyn Alexis Diehl, Alexander R. Zimmerman and Rebecca E. Hilyard.

Accounting: Kristen Hope Peyman.

Adventure Education: Erin Laine Ana Laffond, Amanda Nicole Stavlo and Calvin B. Rioux.

Art/Visual Arts: Nora Gillian Cooper, Peyton Elizabeth Hayward, Autum A. King, Michelle A. Mott, Luke Paterson and Heeju Yoo.

Biology: Robert W. Armstrong, Morgan B. Long, Victoria Jules Dalpe and Keyla Marinero-Rodriguez.

Chemistry: Hunter Alonzo Barron.

Computer Information Systems: Anthony M. O’Bryan.

Computer Information Systems — Office Management: Lisa Marie Jackson.

Computer Science: Ross Akey, Philip Mathew Desiervo and Richard E. Poirier II.

Criminal Justice: Anatol R. Fox and Emilly Jane Terrill.

Early Childhood Education: Sarah Rae Crowell, Amy L. Hillock and Samantha Marie Ward.

Engineering Science: Ian Francis Brown, Nyad Rain Theresa Evernow, Hazel Lou Goleman, Siphora Ketchakeu, Kamal Stephen Hardwick Ketcham, Ryan J. Lester, Nevin Murray, Anthony Joseph Robie and Corey A. Wheelock.

Fire Science Technology: Jack Bacis and Caleb D. Langer.

Management: Carter J. Finnell, Andrew J. Pickert, Emmarae S. Reid and Ruben O. Swenson.

Marketing: Crystal-Ann Hoffman.

Nursing: Taniesha Sheldene Beckford, Stephanie Berchulski, Caitlyn Christine Bodoh, Kara L. Bongiovanni, Amber Elizabeth Brownlee, Mariella Ramirez Cannu, Jonathan C. Correa, Alexandra Taylor Cronk, Evelyn I. Cruz, Erica Lauren Dean, Demesis Dianne Diaz, Maryann Elizabeth DuPont, Abigail Gibavic, Aleta Deseree Graham, Sarah Lynn Grinnell, Amy A. Hall, Laura Elizabeth Heisig, Hana Field Hilliker, Ciearra Ellen-Rene Jamieson, Analesi I. Johnson, Nicholas Michael Johnson, Zachary D. King, Kerri A. Machado, Shelli Ann Murphy, Sarah Noonan, Elizabeth Gail Parasiliti, Kayti Dawn Powell, Brittany S. Pratt, Samantha Dee Preston, Nicole Marie Roberge, Kimberly Santiago, Rachel L. Shearer, Stephanie Lynn Snyder, Keltyn R. Socquet, Dean W. Spaulding II, Carrie St. Jacques, Jasper Olivia Ince Tobey, Abigail Tokarz, Mark Tutelya, Jamie E. Tylunas, Rose Whitcomb-Detmold and Triska-Tushanna A. Williams Humphrey.

Addiction Studies: Will Byler, Mercedes M. Desreuisseau and Carlos Maniel Gonzalez.

Computer-Assisted Bookkeeping: Kristen Hope Peyman.

Computer Information Systems — General Office Administration: Katrina Karin Aiken and Allison M. Stacey.

Corrections: Anatol R. Fox and Emilly Jane Terrill.

Early Childhood Education: Adriana Aparicio, Josiah Mardell, Rachel Braidman, Ree Martin, Teresa Carillo, Ji Sun Park, Jessica Dimitriou, Imran Pektas, Jocelyn Holloway, Christina L. Richards, Katie Lyn Huard and Bri Rubero.

Entrepreneurship: Abigail M. Drew and Nicole Elizabeth Nartowicz.

Farms and Food Systems: Grayce Marie Rose.

Management: Ethan Andrew Ackerman, Lyle M. Augusto, Carter J. Finnell, Nicholas Robert Patterson, Andrew J. Pickert, Emmarae S. Reid, Ruben O. Swenson and Brianna E. Wilder.

Medical Assistant: Hajar Abaakil, Olivia Anderson Hovey, Ashley Saray Andino, Helen Lynne Johnston, Aaron Matthew Cohen, Susan R. LaShier, Sharilynne Drew, Ernest Mitchell IV, Jeannie Kim Graveline and Sonia Yoelys Montalvo.

Network Administration: Anthony M. O’Bryan.

Outdoor Leadership: Bennett S. Gottlieb and Travis Samuel Weitzman.

Paramedic: Zachary Battistoni, Anthony Joseph Brait, Courtney R. Burdeau, Madelynn Faith Burt, William J. Conklin, Daniel G. Farias, Hector Figarella, Chad M. Girard, Josh Girard, Zachary Goodwin-Boyd, Orin Anthony Howell Jr., Jonathan P. Joyce, Brian P. Keefe Jr., Christopher Laboy, John Alden Miller, Cody J. Potasky, Samuel Ray Schrader, Stephen Sengebush and Geovanny E. Tirado.

Pre-Nursing: Laura Althea Burt, Samantha L. DeBlois, Siobhan Devlin, Amy Marie Fielding, Nicole M. DuCharme, Sarah Howe, Marany Destiny Ieng, Liam H. Perra, Maegan Quinlan, Widon Cydney Scott and Diana Waldon.

Visual Arts: Matthew McCorkindale.

Web Development and Design: Gustavo Rodriguez.

World Language in Spanish: Karrington Peter Dowe.

<sbull value="sbull"><text xmlns="urn:schemas-teradp-com:gn4tera"></text></sbull>For a list of class awards, see story on recorder.com.


Art Department “Medici” Award — Matthew McCorkindale; Business and Information Technology — Alexander R. Zimmerman; Drama Award — Yadira Roman-Rivera; Engineering Science Award — Hazel Lou Goleman; Early Childhood Education — Sarah Rae Crowell; Liberal Arts/English — Alanna Marie Owen and Rachel Monique Sorrell; Liberal Arts/Social Sciences — Megan Nicole Velez; Nursing: Excellence in Mental Health Nursing — Kimberly Santiago; Nursing: Excellence in Pediatrics — Laura Elizabeth Heisig; Nursing: Excellence in Obstetrics — Triska-Tushanna A. Williams Humphrey; Nursing: For Excellence in Nursing Care — Kerri A. Machado; Nursing: For Academic Excellence — Amber Elizabeth Brownlee; Excellence in Medical Surgical Nursing — Kara L. Bongiovanni; Donald Oberacker Liberal Arts/Science — Ava C. Hicks-Mazzallo; Charles Green Award — Prometheus Press Newspaper Club; Walter Taylor Award — Prometheus Press Advisor Samantha Wood.


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